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The ETIAS is coming soon. We can assist in processing this document once it’s available.

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All About the ETIAS Authorisation Latvia

Please note that the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) is planned for launch in late 2022 and becomes obligatory from 2023. Byevisa has put together all the relevant details here to help you prepare for your future trips that will be affected by the ETIAS requirements, once the system has been put in place.

Whatever your reason for visiting the pearl of the Baltic states, it is essential that you get your required travel authorisation in order before you can enjoy its ancient castles, deep forests and golden sandy beaches.

Starting in late 2022, and as a mandatory requirement from 2023, citizens of around 60 countries, among them the UK, US, Australia and Canada, are required to obtain a special European travel pass called the ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorisation System) before embarking on their trip.

Luckily, getting your authorisation takes only a few minutes with Byevisa. Fill out our online form with just a few clicks, then sit back and relax while your official travel pass makes its way to your email inbox.

Your authorisation is valid for travel during 3 years and lets you go to Latvia and other Schengen countries for a maximum of 90 days at a time. Read on to learn more and see if you’re eligible.

Difference Between Latvia ETIAS and Latvia Visa

If you are not from a country that is part of the European Union or Schengen Area, you are required to get either an ETIAS or a Latvia visa before you can enter the country. Your nationality determines which you need.

The ETIAS is very simple and easy to obtain with Byevisa, but it is only available for (before late 2022) previously Latvia visa-free countries, which include the UK, US, Canada and Australia. You can find the list of countries below, or use our visa checker tool to see if you’re eligible.

Citizens of countries that are not eligible for the ETIAS, such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nigeria, need to apply for a Latvia visa through the traditional channels, such as the nearest embassy. Latvia is a Schengen visa country, so that is one option you can consider.

Latvia ETIAS Requirements for Eligible Countries

Do you need a visa to travel to Latvia? Here is a list of the countries whose citizens must apply for the ETIAS online before travelling:

Antigua and Barbuda
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brunei Darussalam
Costa Rica
El Salvador
Federated States of Micronesia

Hong Kong
Marshall Islands
New Zealand
North Macedonia
Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Solomon Islands
South Korea
Timor Leste
Trinidad and Tobago
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States

The Latvia tourist visa requirements you must meet to apply for the ETIAS are:

  • Your passport must be from an eligible country and be valid for at least 6 months after the day you intend to arrive in the country.
  • Your reason for travelling must be tourism, business, transit, or medical in nature.
  • Your visit must only last 90 days or less.

If you fit these requirements, you can go ahead and apply!

ETIAS Application Process for Latvia

Byevisa makes it easy to apply for your travel authorisation. Here’s an overview of what to do:

  1. Remember where you keep your passport and dig it out. You’re going to need it!
  2. Click ‘Apply Now’ at the top of this page and enter your nationality and where you are travelling to. This automatically directs you to the correct application form.
  3. Fill out the Byevisa application form online using your personal details (things like your full name, date of birth and nationality) and passport information (document number, expiration date, etc.).
  4. Choose from 3 processing speeds. You can get your travel pass in as little as X days if your trip is just around the corner.
  5. Select your preferred method of payment — credit card, debit card or PayPal — and provide supporting details.
  6. Review all of the information you have provided and confirm that it is correct. (Please don’t skip this important step!)
  7. Click the ‘Submit’ button.
  8. Open your email inbox to see a message from Byevisa confirming that your application has been received.
  9. Rest easy knowing that your authorisation is being processed. Why not use your extra free time to plan some fun adventures in the capital city of Riga or artsy Andrejsala?
  10. When the processing time has elapsed, check your email inbox to find your official ETIAS approved document. We recommend you print it and take a paper copy with you.

That’s all there is to it! The online form guides you through each step of the process when you’re ready, but now you already have an idea of what to expect.

ETIAS – Form and Documents to Visit Latvia

The online Latvia visa application form for the ETIAS asks you to provide the following details about yourself, your travel documentation, and your trip plans:

  • Your email address where Byevisa sends your travel pass.
  • A working telephone number, which is only used if we need to contact you.
  • The street address where you currently live.
  • First name, last name and middle name if applicable.
  • Male/Female, as appears in your passport.
  • Date of birth and country where you were born.
  • Your nationality.
  • Passport number as well as issue and expiry dates.
  • The date you intend to arrive.

Then, you must answer the EU’s security questions. These focus on topics including serious criminal convictions, ties to terrorism and presence in war zones. Answering these questions is obligatory, and your information is checked against international police databases and watchlists before your application is approved.

Next, you choose how quickly you want to receive your travel pass. You have 3 options to choose from:

  • X-day processing for X USD.
  • X-day processing for X USD.
  • X-day processing for X USD.

The last step is to enter your payment information:

  • Credit or debit card number.
  • Full name as it appears on the card.
  • Expiry date and security code.
  • You can also pay with PayPal if you prefer.

Please take the time to look over the form and confirm all the information is complete and correct before clicking the ‘Submit’ button.

If you see that any errors have been made, please contact Byevisa quickly and let us know. If it isn’t too late, we make the necessary changes before processing your application.

ETIAS Latvia – Status Tracking

Once you complete your application, all you have to do is wait for your ETIAS to sail into your email inbox. You know exactly when you can expect to receive your travel pass, based on the processing speed you selected with your application.

In the unlikely circumstance that your application is not approved, the European Union will provide the reason. Byevisa sends you an email to inform you of the situation and let you know what options you have.

If the processing time has passed and you do not see an email from Byevisa in your inbox, please contact us by clicking the ‘Status’ button in the top menu of this page. You are asked to provide your name, email and a brief explanation. A helpful member of the Byevisa team will contact you as soon as possible to solve the issue.

How Much is an ETIAS for Latvia?

The Latvia visa fees for the ETIAS include the cost of the authorisation, which is X USD, and the Byevisa processing fee, which varies depending on the service you select:

  • Standard service costs X USD for X-day processing.
  • Rapid service costs X USD for X-day processing.
  • Highly Rapid service costs X USD for X-day processing.

Therefore, to give an example, you would pay a total of X USD to get your travel pass in X days. Not bad considering it will be valid for 3 years and you can use it to take multiple trips!

Payment is due at the time of application. You can use a valid credit card, debit card or PayPal account.


To learn more about this new type of official travel authorisation, please have a look at our frequently asked questions. If there are any additional answers you need, please feel free to contact us.

The ETIAS authorises you to travel to the 26 countries that make up the Schengen Area, including nearby Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland and Sweden.
Yes, this travel pass allows for multiple entries during the 3 years it is valid. You can use it to enter and leave the Schengen Area as many times as you would like, as long as you don’t stay for more than 90 days in any 6-month period.
We recommend that you print a copy just in case, but it is not strictly necessary to do so since it is linked electronically to your passport.
No, the ETIAS isn’t scheduled to enter into force until late 2022, so it is not yet necessary for you to get one. Once it becomes available, you will be able to apply online with Byevisa.
Yes. When your travel pass is close to expiring, all you need to do is to apply for a new one. You can do this a maximum of 120 days before your previous authorisation’s expiration date.
When you apply for your travel pass, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your intended arrival. When your passport expires, so does your authorisation. When you get a new passport, you must apply for the ETIAS again.
Instead of a traditional visa, UK citizens will need the ETIAS authorisation to travel to this Baltic nation once the new system comes into effect in late 2022.
It only takes about 10 minutes to apply with Byevisa. During your application you choose from 3 Latvia visa processing times: X days, X days or X days. Your travel pass is sent to your email inbox within the time frame you choose.
The European Union has an official site with bureaucratic information about the travel pass, its history and related EU regulations. However, it’s easy to find the details that are most relevant for travellers on the Byevisa site.
The validity lasts 3 years. You are allowed to stay in the Schengen zone for up to 90 days in any 180-day period during that time.
Yes, the authorisation is free for children under 18 and seniors over 70, while for everyone else the cost is X USD. However, everyone must pay the Byevisa service fee for processing their application, regardless of your age.
If the European Union decides not to approve your application, they provide the reason why. Byevisa sends you an email to explain the reason and tell you what options you have.
If you have dual citizenship, simply choose which passport you will use to travel and apply for your travel pass as normal. If you have a passport from a Schengen or EU country, you can use it to travel without applying for authorisation.
Please see below an example of the travel pass Byevisa sends to your email inbox. We recommend that you print this document and keep it with your passport.
Check out our related pages to learn more about taking a trip to this beautiful country.
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