Are you heading to the U.S. of A? Whether you’re visiting New York, Michigan, Hawaii or any other of the 50 states, here’s some key information for your visit to “the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”:
  • The USA’s international dial code is +1, in case you need to speak to someone Stateside ahead of your trip, such as to reserve a hotel or attraction.
  • The USA has no official language! English is the most common language, although US English spelling is a little different to that in the UK, Australia or elsewhere. Spanish is also widely spoken in certain parts of the country, such as California and Florida.
  • The USA’s date format is MM/DD/YY. Be sure to remember this if you make any reservations to ensure you arrive or depart on the correct date!
  • The United States’ weather and climate vary widely, given that the country occupies a vast swathe (9.834 million km²) of North America. So check the meteorological conditions for your local area!
  • Top sights in the USA include New York City, Hollywood in Los Angeles, Walt Disney World in Florida, plus the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
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