Do you plan to visit ‘Méjico Lindo’ (Beautiful Mexico) in the foreseeable future? This country offers a bounty of amazing experiences, from Aztec temples to the Mayan Riviera to the bustling capital of Mexico City. Here’s some top travel information to help you plan:
  • Mexico’s time zones are GMT-7 (La Paz) and GMT-8 (Tijuana). The country’s international dial code is +52, and its biggest air hub is Mexico City International Airport (3-letter code: MEX).
  • Top festivals in Mexico include ‘el Día de los Muertos’ (the Day of the Dead), held each November 1st and 2nd, and Independence Day on the 16th of September.
  • The most widely spoken language in Mexico is Spanish. You’ll find English speakers in the urban areas of major cities such as Mexico City, Guadalajara and Cancún, as well as in tourist areas.
  • Basic Spanish vocabulary includes ‘Hola’ (Hello), ‘Gracias’ (Thank you), ‘¿Qué tal?’ (How’s it going?), ‘Adiós’ (Goodbye), ‘Sí’ (Yes) and ‘No’ (No).
  • Traditional cuisine in Mexico includes tacos (corn tortillas with a meat or vegetable filling), tamales (steamed banana leafs with a meat or vegetable filling) and pambazos (Mexican pastries).
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