A trip to Morocco is a feast for the senses; from the smells of cinnamon and cumin at the spice souks to the taste of the traditional sweet mint tea. Learn more about the Kingdom of Morocco ahead of your North African adventure!
  • Located only 8 miles from Europe, this captivating country in the northwest of Africa has a coastline on both the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. Morocco in Arabic is Al Maghreb which means ‘the place where the sun sets’.
  • There are 8 airports in Morocco. The 2 busiest ones are Casablanca-Mohammed V (airport code: CMN) and Marrakesh Menara (airport code: RAK).
  • The nation’s capital is Rabat which is known for its Islamic and French-colonial heritage. The red city of Marrakesh is popular with tourists, and the beautiful ‘Blue Pearl’ city of Chefchaouen in the northwest of the country is well worth a visit.
  • Language: The 2 official languages in the Kingdom are Standard Arabic and Tamazight. The everyday language spoken though is actually Darija, an Arabic dialect. Many Moroccans speak French as well as English and Spanish.
  • Morocco is a Muslim state and Islam is the state religion. The call to prayer (the Adnan) sound from the mosques is a distinctive noise that you’ll hear throughout the country.
  • The currency of Morocco is the dirham (currency code: AED), which is divided into 100 santimat. The dirham is a closed currency meaning you can only buy it once you arrive in Morocco. Once you are there, have fun trying to haggle in one of the country’s many famous bazaars!