Travellers who seek out this offbeat destination will not be disappointed. With spectacular mountain views, historic sites and natural wonders, Armenia is an undiscovered gem. Here are some quick facts about the country to get you oriented:

  • Armenia is located in the mountainous region between Asia and Europe. It shares a border with Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, and Turkey.
  • Armenian is the official language, and Russian is the second-most spoken language, followed by English.
  • Yerevan, the nation’s capital, is one of the oldest inhabited cities, built 29 years before Rome. It’s known as the Pink City thanks to the rosy hue of the volcanic rock used in the buildings.
  • The local currency is the Armenian dram, which uses the symbol ֏. 1000 dram is equal to about 2 US dollars.
  • Top sights include Geghard Monastery, Echmiadzin Cathedral, Sevan Lake, Noravank Monastery and its surrounding Red Cliffs, and Dilijan spa town in Dilijan National Park.
  • Spring and autumn are generally considered the best times to visit Armenia.

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