You’re in for a treat if you’re visiting the East African nation of Uganda. This exciting destination boasts top sights including the famous Murchison Falls, Lake Bunyonyi, and the Muhavura Volcano. You can also spot ‘Big 5’ animals on safari, such as lions, leopards and elephants, at the country’s numerous national parks. Here are more useful travel facts ahead of your visit:
  • Uganda’s local time is East Africa Time (GMT+3). So if you’re arriving here from another time zone, be sure to factor Uganda’s local time into your travel schedule.
  • The national languages of Uganda are English and Swahili. In addition, though, this country boasts a rich multilingual culture of 43 living languages.
  • If you’re flying into Uganda, it’s most likely that you’ll arrive at Entebbe International Airport (3-letter code: EBB). This is located 40 km (20 mi) from the capital city of Kampala.
  • The official currency here is the Ugandan shilling (currency code: UGX). That said, other currencies such as euros, pounds sterling and especially US dollars are used too, particularly in small towns.
  • The base of Uganda’s cuisine is the matoke, or cooking banana. This is typically steamed while still unpeeled, though it’s also often fried with tomatoes and onions. Yum!
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