The Republic of Serbia is a landlocked country, located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula. It is a cool city break destination as well as offering tourists a wealth of natural attractions with its majestic mountains, rivers and canyons.
  • The capital of this southeastern European country is Belgrade, a cosmopolitan city famous for its buzzing nightlife. The airport code for Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is BEG.
  • Serbia is characterised by its Eastern Orthodox Christian heritage. Around 85% of the population identify as Orthodox Christians. There are many beautiful Medieval monasteries and churches to visit across the country.
  • The official language is Serbian. Other languages spoken include Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, Rusyn and Croatian. English is quite widely spoken in Serbia, particularly among the younger generation.
  • Belgrade’s old town and ancient fortress Kalemegdan is a must-see. Elsewhere in the country, you can visit sights like Gostuša, a magical village made entirely out of stone, and the spectacular Uvac canyon, home to the Griffon vulture.
  • The official currency of Serbia is the dinar. One dinar is subdivided into 100 para and the currency code is RSD. Credit cards are accepted in most hotels and shops here.
  • Serbia has a moderate continental climate, which means cold winters and hot summers. If you are heading to the mountains, expect more rain in the summer and more snow in the winter than in other parts of the country.

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