This Arab nation on the bank of the Jordan River has been influenced by many great civilizations. If you love archaeological sites and unspoiled nature, then this is the country for you! Read on to learn more about the Middle Eastern state that is home to the ‘Rose City’.
  • The nation’s capital Amman was an important city of Middle Eastern antiquity. Today it is a major commercial and cultural centre of the Arab world.
  • 98% of the population are Arabs and the official language in Jordan is Arabic. Learning English is compulsory in secondary schools in Jordan.
  • Queen Alia International Airport (AMM) is the country’s main airport. It is located in Zizya, which lies 30 kilometres (20 miles) south of Amman.
  • The dinar (JD) is the currency of Jordan and it is known as the ‘jay-dee’ among Jordan’s young people. 1 dinar is divided into 10 dirhams, 100 qirsh or 1000 fils.
  • Jordan is packed with Biblical history. Walk in the footsteps of Moses on Mount Nebo, explore the famous sandstone city of Petra and float in the Dead Sea.
  • The country’s national dish is ‘Mansaf’, a lamb dish cooked in a fermented dried yoghurt sauce.  Amman has a strong cafe culture and the country’s street food has diverse influences.

Read on for more information to help you plan your trip to visit the incredible ancient sites of Jordan!