This Buddhist kingdom is known for its unique culture and traditions, stunning landscapes and beautiful temples and monasteries. Learn more about this destination before you go:
  • This small landlocked country is located in Eastern Himalayas. It shares a border with India and China.
  • Tourism to Bhutan began only in 1974. TV and the internet came to the country in 1999 when the government lifted a ban on these outside influences.
  • Bhutan is the only carbon negative country on the planet. This means that it absorbs more carbon dioxide than it produces. The constitution requires that 60% of the country remain under forest cover.
  • The government has a unique approach to tourism, with a policy that prioritises value over volume. All tourists must pay a daily fee of between 200 and 290 USD, depending on when you go and the size of your group. This covers all the necessities during your trip, from accommodation to food, ground transportation, entrance fees, and a private guide and driver. You must book with an approved tour company before your trip.
  • The high season for Bhutan is March through May and September through November. The monsoon season is from June through August, while December through February has beautiful snow but can be quite cold.
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