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Cover Letter for an Australia Visa

Cover Letter Australia Visa

Australia is an enticing place to visit, with its rugged outback and its sophisticated cities. Thinking of heading Down Under? You’ll need a travel authorisation to get there.

Many countries are eligible for what’s called an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA). The application process for an ETA is simpler, requiring less paperwork. For those nationalities not eligible for an ETA, you’ll need to submit a normal visa application. You can check which authorisation you’re eligible for on our page about the Australian ETA.

For those who need a regular visa, if you’re planning to visit family or friends, as part of your application you should include a letter from the relative or friend who’s inviting you to visit. This helps prove you’re a “genuine visitor” – that you’re only going to be there for a short stay.

Are you about to ask a friend or relative to write the letter for you? Or are you already in Australia and planning to write a letter for someone coming to visit you? Here we explain everything you need to know about how to write a support letter for a tourist visa to Australia.

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What Information Should the Support Letter for a Visa for Australia Have?

You’ll need to make sure the letter includes all of the following information.

First, the person writing the letter should include their own:

  • Full name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Address and telephone number in Australia.
  • Occupation in Australia.
  • Their residency status in Australia, whether they’re a citizen, resident, visa holder, or student.
  • The letter writer must include supporting documents demonstrating his or her residency status, living arrangements, and proof of income or funds.

The information about the person being invited should include:

  • The visitor’s full name.
  • Date of birth.
  • The visitor’s address and telephone number.
  • The relationship between the inviting person and the visitor. This could be as simple as stating they’re your friend, parent, brother, sister, uncle or whatever applies.
  • The purpose of the trip (vacation, business visitor, seminar, event).
  • How long the visitor plans to stay in Australia and the date they plan to leave.
  • Details of where the visitor will be staying. Are they staying at your home or a hotel?

What’s the Format for an Invitation Letter for an Australian Tourist Visa?

You can format the letter in a standard letter style. It should have your name and address at the top, include a formal greeting, and have your signature at the end.

It needs to be written in English or translated by a translator who is accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters.

As far as who needs to write the invitation letter for an Australia tourist visa, it should be a relative or friend of yours who is a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or be in possession of a valid visa.

Does My Visa Request Letter Go to the Australian Embassy?

Your letter technically gets uploaded to the Australia immigration department’s portal in your online application as an attachment. It doesn’t need to be mailed, unless you decide to mail all of your paperwork in to the embassy.

What Does ‘Give Details of the Development of the Relationship Between the Applicant and the Sponsor’ Mean?

This is something you’ll see if you are applying for a Partner Visitor Visa. In this case, one member of the couple is already residing in Australia and wants to bring his or her romantic partner for a visit.

You’ll need to include a detailed description of your relationship in the visa application. To give the correct type of information that the case officer is looking for, you should include:

  • When, where and how the two of you met.
  • How the relationship developed after meeting each other.
  • When the two of you decided to either get married or start a romantic relationship.
  • A description of your domestic arrangements, including financial and emotional support, paying bills, and whether you live together or not.
  • The plans the two of you have as a couple for the future.

Dates are important, as are words describing emotions and feelings.

What’s an Employment Letter for a Visa in Australia?

One helpful letter you can include is a verification from your employer. This helps to prove that you have fixed employment to return to, and that you won’t be staying indefinitely in Australia.

The letter should state the employer name, your name, your position, and the dates you’ll be away from work, as well as when you’re expected to return.

What’s the Statutory Declaration for Visitor Visa Sponsorship?

If your family member or friend is financially sponsoring your visit, your letter will look the same as the invitation letter. The only difference will be that it needs to include what’s called a Statutory Declaration, which is simply a statement explaining how the inviting person will be supporting you.

Are they paying for your flight or your accommodation? Will they be funding all of your stay? With this letter you’ll need to include evidence of their ability to support you, such as a bank statement or tax document.

Samples of Cover Letters

Do you need to write a supporting letter for your application to enter Down Under? Then find below some examples to guide you!

Where Can I Find a Sample Invitation Letter for a Tourist Visa for Australia?

Here’s some sample text you could use. This is not an official template, but it includes all the necessary information.


Your Name
123 Street Name, Apt 2
City, Postal Code
+Tel (in Australia)

To Whom It May Concern:

Application for Tourist Visa: Visitor Name, Passport Number

I am writing to confirm I wish to invite _______ to visit me in City, Australia for _____ days/weeks in order to have a short holiday. His planned date of arrival is ______________.

I’m a permanent resident in Australia since (date). I work as a ________________ in City. I will be on vacation at the time of his visit so I can accompany him.

____________ (visitor name) will be staying with me for the duration of his trip. Please find attached evidence of my accommodation.

I have enclosed the following documents:
• Copy of my (ID/passport/visa)
• Tenancy agreement

Should you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me.


Your Name

Where Can I Find a Sponsorship Letter Template for an Australia Visa?

Here’s a template for a sponsorship letter, which looks very similar to the above letter.


Your Name
123 Street Name, Apt 2
city, Postal Code
+Tel (in Australia)

To Whom It May Concern:

Application for Australian Visitor Visa for Visitor Name, Passport Number

I am writing to confirm that I wish to invite _________ to visit me in Australia for _____ days/weeks in order to have a short holiday. Her planned date of arrival will be _______. I would like her to stay with me for the duration of her trip.

I am a (citizen/permanent resident) and I work as a _______________ in City.

I am able to accommodate her for the duration of her stay in Australia and I will pay for her living expenses. I have attached evidence of my accommodation and also proof of my financial status showing that I am able to cover ________’s costs during the time she will be staying with me.

I have enclosed the following documents for your consideration as required:

– Copy of my (ID/passport/visa)
– Rental agreement
– 6 months of bank statements

Should you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me.


Your Name

What Else Should I Know About Writing an Invitation Letter for an Australian Visitor Visa?

As we mentioned above, providing dates and proof are important parts of your letter. Having this documentation will help validate your application and hopefully get you on your way to Australia! Meanwhile, if you’re going on a working holiday to Australia, you can find out how to apply here.

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