The East African nation of Rwanda offers a bounty of sights and experiences for international visitors. This includes Volcanoes National Park, famous for its mountain gorillas, Nyungwe Forest National Park, with its Canopy Walkway, plus the capital Kigali. Here’s some useful travel information to guide you ahead of your trip.
  • The official currency of this country is the Rwandan franc (currency code: RWF). You’ll mostly use francs to pay for local services, while for everything else such as hotels and restaurants, you can use US dollars.
  • If you’re flying into Rwanda, you’ll arrive at Kigali International Airport (IATA code: KGL). This is the hub for the national carrier RwandAir, and is located some 7.5 miles (12 km) from Kigali’s city centre.
  • The most widely-spoken language in Rwanda, and one of the official tongues, is Kinyarwanda. Fortunately for international travellers, though, the other official languages are Swahili, French and English.
  • The international dial code for Rwanda is +250. You can use this to book any hotels, restaurants or attractions ahead of your trip, or to call your friends and family based in the country.
  • Top local dishes to try in Rwanda include ‘igisafuria’ (chicken stew with vegetables), ‘matoke’ (a kind of banana, boiled, baked, mashed, fried or roasted), or ‘mandazi’ (a so-called ‘African donut’).
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