Pakistan, officially called the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a travel destination full of amazing things to see and do. Top experiences include heading to Lahore Fort, a 16th-century fortadel, and Badshahi Mosque, a 17-century domed temple. Find below more interesting travel information:
  • Pakistan is a South Asian country bordered by Iran to the west, Afghanistan to the northwest, China to the northeast, India to the east, and the Arabian Sea to the south.
  • Pakistan’s currency is the rupee (currency code: PKR). As a tourist, you can bring any amount of foreign currency into the country, and supposedly you get better exchange rates here for exchanging US dollars than other currencies.
  • The official languages of this country are Urdu and English. As such, English is widely spoken among the local population, chiefly as their second language, particularly in tourist areas.
  • Pakistan’s time zone is GMT+5 (Pakistan Standard Time). This is 5 hours ahead of London (GMT), 10 hours ahead of Washington DC (GMT-5) and 6 hours behind Canberra (GMT+11).
  • This country’s main airports are Jinnah International (3-letter code: KHI), located in Karachi, and Islamabad International (3-letter code: ISB), located in Islamabad.
  • Top cuisine in Pakistan includes biryani. Although seemingly a straightforward plate of meat and rice, this dish is famed for its subtle, sophisticated mix of spices!
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