Want to learn more about the culturally and historically fascinating Republic of Turkey ahead of your trip?
  • Situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, this is a multicultural nation. Only 3% of Turkey is located in Europe, the vast majority is actually in Asia.
  • The city of Istanbul, while not the country’s capital, is its largest and most popular city. Over 13 million people call it their home.
  • The Turkish lira is the currency you will use here to haggle in the Grand Bazaar and other market places. One hundred kuruş make up one Turkish lira.
  • The nation’s official language is Turkish; however, there are more than 30 minority languages spoken across the country. These include Kurmanji, Mesopotamian Arabic and Zazaki.
  • Turkey’s Black Sea coastline stretches for an impressive 1,175 km. Tourists are often surprised with how much this country has to offer, from the Blue Mosque in Istanbul to the unique volcanic landscape of Cappadocia.

Read on for more information about this captivating country, and check out our page about Turkey’s eVisa too!