Stretching from the foothills of the Himalayas to the shores of the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh boasts beautiful natural landscapes as well as large cities, small towns and rural villages. Here are some quick facts to know ahead of your trip:
  • Of the 164 million people who call Bangladesh home, 90% are Muslim.
  • The capital city, Dhaka, has a population of 17 million and is known as the City of Mosques.
  • The high season for visiting Bangladesh is from October to March. The shoulder season is from April through May, so these months are a good time to visit. June to September is the low season due to the monsoon.
  • The local currency is the Bangladeshi taka. 1 US dollar is roughly equal to 85 taka. If your travels will take you to small towns or remote areas, make sure to stock up on taka first. ATMs that accept foreign cards can be found in most large towns and cities.
  • More than 98% of the population speak Bengali as their first language. English is taught in schools and spoken as a second language.
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