Are you visiting beautiful Puerto Rico? This unincorporated territory of the USA is known for its gorgeous beaches, impressive mountains, waterfalls, and the tropical forest El Yunque, among other top attractions. Here’s some useful travel information for your trip:
  • Puerto Rico’s capital city is called San Juan. The city boasts Spanish colonial architecture, sixteenth-century icons and fortresses, plus the tourist resorts of Isla Verde.
  • Puerto Rico’s main international airport is called Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (IATA code: SJU). This is located around 3 miles from San Juan.
  • As an unincorporated territory of the United States, the local currency of Puerto Rico is the US dollar.
  • The official languages of Puerto Rico are English and Spanish. Spanish is spoken on a day-to-day basis by 95% of residents, while English is common for business and tourism.
  • Some of Puerto Rico’s traditional foods include “arroz con gandules” (rice with pigeon peas) and “alcapurrias” (fritters made of plantains and filled with ground beef). Try them when you’re here!
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