From the Black Sea to Bucharest, the Romanian capital, this Balkan country will surprise and amaze you! Discover its medieval citadels, majestic mountains and the warm hospitality of its people. Read on for more information for travellers heading here:
  • The local money used is the Romanian leu (currency code: RON)  It is subdivided into 100 bani. The word bani means “money” in Romanian.
  • Romania is a southeastern European country that borders the Black Sea. It also shares borders with Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Serbia and Ukraine, as well as a maritime border with Turkey.
  • Top tourist attractions include Bran Castle ‘Dracula’s castle’, the beautiful Transylvanian town Brașov and the painted monasteries of Bucovina. You can also do the ‘world’s best road trip’ (according to Top Gear) on the Transfergagan highway.  
  • Romania has a temperate continental climate which means tourists can expect cold winters and hot summers. The Danube Delta region (the largest river delta wetland in Europe) is the world’s third most biologically diverse area.
  • Henri Coandă Airport is the country’s busiest international airport. It is located in Otopeni, 17 km north of the capital. The airport code is OTP.
  • Romanian is unique as it’s the only Romance language that prevailed in Eastern Europe. Many Romanians speak some English, particularly in tourist areas.  In the Transylvania region,  both Romanian and Hungarian are spoken.

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