Planning your journey to the Kingdom of Bahrain? This sovereign state in the Persian Gulf was the first country to hold the Grand Prix in the Middle East. Find out other interesting facts and useful information for travellers below.
  • The country’s name comes from an Arabic term meaning ‘the two seas’.
  • Bahrain has been an independent nation since 1971. It was the central location of the ancient Dilmun civilization because of its strategic position. Today, it is connected to the Saudi city of Al Khobar by the King Fahd Causeway.
  • This island nation is made up of an archipelago of 33 islands. Bahrain Island makes up around 83% of the total landmass.
  • The official language of Bahrain is Arabic; however, English is widely spoken. It is a multi-ethnic society and Farsi and Urdu are commonly spoken too among the non-Bahraini population. 
  • Wondering what to see while you’re here? Visit the Tree of Life, the world’s largest underwater theme park (Dive Bahrain) and the Al-Khamis Mosque, one of the oldest mosques on the planet!
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