Are you planning to visit the East Asian nation of South Korea? If so, you can look forward to strolling the streets of Seoul, the futuristic capital, and beautiful Busan, famed for its beaches, mountains and temples. Here are some key facts ahead of your trip:

  • South Korea’s international dial code is +82. This can help you if you need to make any hotel reservations or book any attractions before you go.
  • The local currency is the South Korean won (currency code: KRW). It’s used everywhere, so you’ll need to exchange currencies either before or after you arrive.
  • Korean is the official language of this country. Fortunately, though, English is widely-spoken here, particularly among younger people and in tourist areas.
  • The climate of Korea varies widely from season to season, from hot, humid summers to cold, dry winters. So choose when to visit depending on the experience you want! You might visit a beach resort on Jeju Island or go skiing/sledding in Seoul.
  • Top Korean dishes include ‘hoeddeok’ (syrupy pancakes), ‘japchae’ (stir-fried noodles), ‘kimchi’ (spicy, fermented vegetables) and ‘ddukbokki’ (spicy rice cakes). Be sure to try them!

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