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South Korea Visa for UK Citizens

South Korea Visa for UK Citizens

UK citizens travelling to South Korea are no longer visa-exempt from September 2021 onwards, and must acquire a K-ETA online visa before you arrive here. Fortunately, it takes just 10 minutes to apply for this Electronic Travel Authorization, and you can do so easily on Byevisa’s website.

Travelling abroad offers excitement and memories that last the test of time. However, what we often forget is how much time it takes to organise itineraries, accommodation, and travel documentation. Byevisa is here to help with your visa for South Korea from UK and will ensure that you get the right documentation.

The Republic of Korea (RoK) is a fascinating and beautiful country. You can look forward to seeing the Jindo Sea Parting or heading over Jeonju Hanok Village. You can also expect to see some stunning temples along the way and enjoy street food that is cheap and seriously delicious.

Take 5 minutes to read through our guide and get the lowdown on getting a visa to South Korea from the UK as well as the requirements you have to adhere to in order to gain entry to this amazing place.

Do I Need A Visa for South Korea From the UK?

Many people contact Byevisa to find out if they require a UK tourist visa for South Korea. The good news is that you can visit this country for up to 90 days visa-free. This gives you plenty of time to discover the wealth of history and interesting places that South Korea has to offer so that you come home with stories to share with your loved ones. If you hold another nationality, visit our visa for South Korea page to learn more.

How To Apply for a South Korea Visa From the UK

As there is no need to apply for a visa, you may assume that you do not need to do anything apart from arriving at immigration. However, you need to supply the following information when you arrive:

  • You need to produce your passport for inspection.
  • You need to show proof of your onward or return travel.
  • You need to be willing to have a health screen and test for COVID-19.

South Korea Visa Requirements for UK Citizens

When you arrive at your port of entry, you need to adhere to the following requirements to pass through border control:

  • Your passport must have a minimum of 3 months’ validity left from the date you enter into the country.
  • Your onward or return travel proof must be in the form of a ticket with a valid reservation number.
  • You are only allowed to travel visa-free for tourism purposes. It is illegal to work, whether as a teacher or any other type of profession.

South Korea Cost for UK Citizens

The good news is that there is no requirement to pay any money before you head off on your trip. There is also no cost to enter the country, so you can afford to spend a bit more on the holiday itself rather than paying for documentation instead!

Frequently Asked Questions About Travelling to South Korea

In addition to finding out whether you need any travel documentation to head off on holiday, many people need other questions answered too before they can arrange their travel. We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions so that you can arrange everything you need with ease.

Can I Get a Working Holiday Visa for South Korea as a UK National?

If you are aged between 18 and 30 then you can apply for the Working Holiday Program that gives you access to the country for 1 full year. This programme was set up between the UK and the RoK to allow young people the chance to travel around the country and earn money to cover the cost of their trip at the same time.

This authorisation is not a work visa and only allows travellers to work a maximum of 25 hours a week with the sole purpose of making money for their sightseeing costs. You cannot extend your time in the RoK with this programme, and the country only allows a maximum of 1000 people into the country as part of this scheme each year.

Is This Country Safe for Tourists?

The tensions between North Korea and South Korea is well documented, but tourists are typically safe in this country, and you will find yourself welcomed by the locals.

As with any travel, it is sensible to take precautions with your money and travel documents by storing them safely rather than placing them in pockets or bags that can be pickpocketed. If you need emergency help when you are in the country, you can dial 112.

Do I Need a Transit Visa for This Country?

UK tourists do not need to apply for a transit visa when transiting through this country for less than 24 hours. Should you intend to stay for longer than 24 hours, you do not need a visa, but you do need to adhere to the requirements listed above.

How Long Does It Take to Travel to the RoK?

You will be pleased to know that you can get a direct flight to the RoK from Britain so that you do not need to spend days travelling! Getting to your destination on a direct flight takes around 11 hours in total.

What Do I Need to Know About This Country Before I Travel?

When it comes to having all the information you need, you can expect to pay for your purchases using the South Korean won and can get hold of money through ATMs, banks, and exchange kiosks. You can also expect to be able to use the public transport system with ease, and you do not need to tip for any purchases if you do not want to!

It is also worth noting that the culture in this country is polite and courteous. You should always show respect to people you come into contact with and remember that older people are treated with the ultimate respect.

More Information on Travelling to South Korea

If you want more information about the country and processes for obtaining entry, then see our dedicated Visit Korea page here. You will find a wealth of information aimed to help you get all your travel documentation in order.

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