There’s lots to enjoy on your trip to the Central Asian republic of Uzbekistan. This country boasts historic mosques, mausoleums and impressive Islamic architecture. Here are some helpful travel facts to know before you go:
  • Top tourist sights in Uzbekistan include the 14th-century Gur-e Amir Complex, the 15th-century Bibi-Khanym Mosque, and the Registan public square and madrasas.
  • The local time zone is GMT+5, Uzbekistan Standard Time. Be sure to take this into account for any hotel bookings or other reservations you’ve made in advance!
  • The official currency here is the Uzbekistani soʻm (currency code: UZS). That said, for tourists, the most widely accepted foreign currency is the US dollar.
  • Uzbekistan cuisine includes the national dish, ‘plov’, rice cooked in broth with meat and vegetables, and ‘shurpa’, a soup made with potatoes, vegetables and mutton.
  • The official language of this country is Uzbek, a Turkic language. If you stick to the tourist areas and major attractions, you’ll find that most people speak English.
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