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Uzbekistan Visa for US Citizens

Uzbekistan visa for US citizens

If you are in the process of organising a vacation to Uzbekistan, then you are probably wondering whether you need an Uzbekistan e-Visa for US citizens. Here at Byevisa, we pride ourselves on helping you to get the right paperwork in time so that you can look forward to your exciting trip.

To help you get the right information, we have shared this handy guide on the tourist visa to Uzbekistan for US citizens that takes you through the process of applying, the costs and the requirements that you need to adhere to gain entry to the country.

We have also answered some of your most asked questions so that you can feel confident about travelling to this destination.

Do US Citizens Need a Visa for Uzbekistan?

Yes, if you are planning to travel to this country, then you must apply for a 1-month visa to Uzbekistan for US citizens. You can choose between a Single, Double or Multiple-Entry authorisation, and it will be valid for 90 days from the date of entry so that you can travel for 30 days in the country on dates that suit your plans.

This is an electronic authorisation, and you are expected to apply no later than 3 days before you travel. The good news is that Byevisa can process this documentation on your behalf and send you the completed authorisation directly to your inbox to save you time and stress when you are planning your vacation.

Applying for an Uzbekistan eVisa for US Citizens

When it comes to submitting your online application, Byevisa has streamlined the process to make it quick, easy, and simple for you. You need to enter the following details into our online application:

  • Your current email address (this is where your e-Visa will be sent once processed).
  • A phone number that you can be contacted on.
  • The start and end date of your trip.
  • Full name, including all middle names.
  • Your gender.
  • The country you were born in and your birth date.
  • Country of residence and nationality.
  • Passport number, issue date and expiry date.
  • The type of visa you require (Single, Double or Multiple Entry).

Once you have completed your information, you have the option to add any further travellers that make up your party before you go through checkout and submit your application.

You also need to upload a scan of your passport data page and a passport photo that has been taken on a light background that only shows your face without any accessories on. The file size of each of these documents must not exceed 500Kb.

Visa Requirements for US Citizens Traveling to Uzbekistan

In addition to your application, you must adhere to the Uzbekistan visa requirements for US citizens. These requirements are listed below:

  • A passport that must be valid at the time you enter the county.
  • At least 1 page free in your passport for your entry stamp.
  • Copies of your eVisa for inspection.
  • Proof of your onward travel is also recommended in case officials ask to see it.

These requirements are an essential part of you gaining entry to the country, so it is imperative that you ensure you can adhere to them prior to travelling to this destination.

Uzbekistan Visa Fee for US Citizens

When it comes to paying for your authorisation, you are expected to pay the full amount plus a nominal processing fee on submission of your application to Byevisa. The government’s current costs for an e-Visa for this country are as follows:

  • Single Entry – 21.50 USD
  • Double Entry – 37.75 USD
  • Multiple Entry – 53.75 USD

To help you get your paperwork in place before you set off, Byevisa offers 3 processing speeds for you to choose from:

  • Standard – 7 business days
  • Rapid – 5 business days
  • Highly Rapid – 3 business days

Frequently Asked Questions

Once your application is complete, you may have other questions that you need to have answered before you set off. We have answered the most frequently asked questions below to help you prepare fully for your trip.

Do I Need a Transit Visa for This Country?

If you are an American tourist, you can look forward to visa-free transits through this country. However, you must supply evidence of your onward travel.

It is always wise to check this with your airline before you head off on your vacation to make sure that they advise the immigration officials of any visa-free transit passengers before arrival.

Do Minors Need A Visa to Enter Uzbekistan?

If you are the parent or legal guardian of any US minor under the age of 16, then you do not need to arrange an e-Visa for them to travel to this country. Any US minor under 16 may enter the country for the same length of time as their adult travel companion.

However, this is only the case when these minors are accompanied by their parents or legal guardians, and so it is wise to take proof of your relationship with the minor so that they are given access to the country on arrival.

How Safe is This Destination for American Tourists?

As with any travel, you should take sensible precautions and avoid putting yourself in harm’s way. This includes avoiding poorly lit locations or going out alone, making sure to store cash and passports securely on your person, not in bags or pockets, and remaining vigilant for the duration of your stay.

By adhering to this advice, you are highly likely to have a successful trip and should not encounter any problems.

Further Information for American Tourists

If you would like to access further guidance on travelling to this country, then you simply need to check out our Visit Uzbekistan section here.

Planning a vacation is much easier when you have Byevisa, and we love to help you plan the vacation you have been dreaming of!

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