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Uzbekistan Visa for Indians

Uzbekistan Visa for Indian Citizens

Are you an Indian national planning to go to Uzbekistan? We are here to help! Byevisa’s secure online application for an Uzbekistan e-Visa for Indians helps you prepare for the trip of a lifetime. Imagine visiting the majestic Registan or the World Heritage Silk Road cities!

The great thing about traveling to this stunning, culture-rich location is that the government has made it easier than ever to get a Uzbekistan tourist visa for Indians. They offer an electronic application that you can complete with Byevisa to secure your authorisation and ensure you are perfectly equipped for your travels. This process means that you receive all required documentation straight to your registered email address, saving you from having to visit the embassy.

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Types of Electronic Visas Available

There is no option to get an Uzbekistan Visa on Arrival for Indians as the electronic system is the only way to get entry to this fantastic country. The process is simple and you can complete your application easily online. There are 3 different eVisas for you to choose from:

  • Single Entry – this allows you to enter the country once for up to 30 days.
  • Double Entry – this allows you to enter the country twice for up to 30 days in total.
  • Multiple Entry – this will enable you to enter and exit the country as many times as you need to within the 30 days.

All these visas are valid for 90 days from the date of issue, meaning that you will need to apply when you know the exact dates of the trip so that you can travel during the permitted window.

Uzbekistan Visa for Indians – The Process

When you start your application, you need to follow these instructions to ensure it is a smooth process:

1. Choose the type of visa you require: Single, Double or Multiple Entry.
2. Enter your personal details into the easy-to-use Byevisa electronic form, such as:

  • Email address.
  • Full name, gender and date of birth.
  • Place of residence.
  • Country of birth.
  • Nationality.
  • Passport number.
  • Passport issue and expiry date.

3. Next, choose the Byevisa processing speed you require: Standard (7 days), Rapid (5 days) or Highly Rapid (3 days).
4. Finally, using a valid debit/credit card or PayPal account, pay the fee and then wait for your document to arrive to your email inbox once it has been processed.

You must also provide the following as part of your application:

  • A recent digital passport photo.
  • A digital scan of your passport.

Uzbekistan Visa Requirements for Indians

When it comes to getting your Uzbekistan visa for Indian nationals, you need to ensure the following stipulations are met so that your documents can be processed without delay:

  • Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date you arrive in the country.
  • Your digital photo must be in passport style and taken against a light, uncluttered background with only you in the photo.

Uzbekistan Visa Fees for Indians

The government charges for the 3 types of e-Visas are as follows:

  • Single Entry – 21.50 USD.
  • Double Entry – 37.75 USD.
  • Multiple Entry – 53.75 USD.

In addition to this fee, there is a nominal fee payable to Byevisa. The cost of this depends on the processing speed you select.

Indians Traveling to Uzbekistan

As you start your travels to this intriguing country, you will follow in the footsteps of spice traders along the Silk Road, discovering the fascinating Uzbek culture along the way.

Like India, Uzbekistan has a vibrant and diverse history, and you can explore this as you make your way around various ancient sites, taking in the Silk Road that spans both countries.

The average flight from India to Uzbekistan lasts under 4 hours, making it a quick destination to travel to on vacation. There are around 200 Indians living in Uzbekistan, and most of them live in the Tashkent area.

India Consulate in Uzbekistan

If you organise all your paperwork in advance of your trip, then you can expect your travels to go smoothly. However, if there is an emergency whilst you are away, then you may need to know where to go for help. The Indian Embassy is a good place if you need any urgent assistance.

If you need to visit the Indian Embassy whilst you are on holiday, then you can find it at:

16 Kara-Bulak Street,
Mirzo Ulugbek,

It is open from 10 am – 12:30 pm Monday to Friday and then 4:30 pm – 5 pm Monday to Friday for prearranged deliveries of documents.

Common Questions Asked By Travellers

We know that arranging a vacation is not an easy task. To help, we have answered some of the most common questions that we get asked below.

Do Indians Need a Visa for Uzbekistan Transit Stops?

If you are transiting through this country, you do not need to apply for a visa. In July 2018, the country introduced a 5-day visa-free system for Indian nationals who can prove they hold an onward air ticket to a third country and are willing to share their personal details with the authorities on their arrival.

Is Uzbekistan Safe for Indians?

This is an incredibly safe country for tourists to visit. Uzbekistan boasts diverse natural beauty and the local people enjoy sharing their country’s history. However, the border areas can be dangerous to tourists, and it is wise to only go to these areas if you need to cross the border.

How Long is My Electronic Authorisation Valid For?

Once issued, your document is valid for 90 days, allowing you to enter the country for 30 days during the following 90 days.

Full Uzbekistan Visa Application Information – How To Apply

If you want more information on how to make your application, then visit our Uzbek visa page. Otherwise, you can click here to read a range of useful information that will help you on your vacation to Uzbekistan.

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