With the Andes mountains, the Atacama desert, beautiful beaches and world-class cities, Chile offers diverse opportunities for endless exploration. Here are some basic facts to get you started on your journey:
  • Chile is a long and slender country, stretching about 4,300 km (2,700 mi) from north to south with an average width of only around 180 km (110 mi). Its southernmost tip is only about 640 km (400 mi) north of Antarctica.
  • The population of Chile is about 19 million people, with 7 million living in the Santiago Metropolitan Region.
  • Top spots to visit include Easter Island, Torres del Paine National Park, Santiago (the capital), the city of Valparaiso and Valle de la Luna in the Atacama desert. The Tres Valles ski resorts are popular for winter sports.
  • Spanish is the official and most widely spoken language in Chile, although indigenous languages are also protected. English is not widely spoken across the country, though it is more common in tourist areas.
  • The local currency is the Chilean peso (code: CLP). The exchange rate changes over time, but you should know that 1 US dollar is equal to several hundred pesos. The smallest banknote is 500 pesos. This may sound like a lot, but is actually less than 1 US dollar. The largest banknote is worth 20,000 pesos.
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