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Chile Visa for Australian Citizens

Chile Visa for Australia Citizens

As an Australian citizen, you may be used to the idea that you pay a fee when visiting Chile but do not need any form of travel authorisation. However, the rules have recently changed. As of December 2019 Chilean officials scrapped the fee, and as of May 2020 you must have an eVisa to enter the country. 

Make sure you understand the requirements and apply for your eVisa to ensure you are not turned away from the rich culture and beautiful landscapes of Chile because you didn’t bring the right documents. All this paperwork and applications can be daunting, but it’s easy when you have Byevisa in your corner. Read on to see how what information you need for your travels, and how Byevisa can help. 

Do I Need a Visa to Travel to Chile from Australia

As of May 2020, you need an eVisa in order to travel to Chile. The upside is that, unlike traditional visas, an online eVisa is fast and simple. The most effective and organised way to obtain this is with the help of Byevisa, who can organise your application for you. 

What Does a Chile Visa from Australia Cost

The cost of an eVisa is expected to be 50 USD which you pay during the application process. On top of the government fee, Byevisa charges a processing fee for organising and handling your paperwork.

How Do You Apply for the Tourist Visa for Chile in Australia?

The application process can be lengthy, but with Byevisa it is quick and straightforward. It’s as simple as entering the required personal details, uploading the correct documents, and selecting from 1 of the 3 processing speed options to choose when you’d like to receive your documents.

Once your authorisation is approved, the travel document is sent to your email. This can be printed ready to take on your travels. When you arrive in the country, simply find the eVisit lane, display to immigration staff your printed document and your valid passport, and be allowed into the country legally. 

What Are the Australian Visa Requirements for Chile

When applying for any eVisa, there are a set of requirements you must adhere to as part of your application. 

Chile’s requirements state you must have:

  1. A valid passport.
  2. A colour photograph (5×5 cm, with a white background, passport regulations).
  3. Documentation to accredit financial solvency.
  4. An invitation letter authorised by a notary public or a hotel reservation.
  5. A reservation or return ticket. 

What is the Validity Period of a Tourist Visa to Chile from Australia?

The validity period is 90 days. Multiple entries are permitted, so you can travel in and out of the country during the validity period.

More Answers About the Australian Citizen Visa For Chile

You will now, hopefully, feel ready to begin your application with the information you have found here. Sometimes though you don’t find all your answers in one go. If you would like more information before you proceed with your application please read on. 

How Long Does a Chile Visa for an Australian Take?

If you want all the paperwork done in an orderly and timely fashion, the place to turn is Byevisa. With knowledge and authority on the process of eVisa application, we can give you the choice of 3 processing speeds: Standard, Rapid and Highly Rapid. The speed you choose will determine how quickly you receive your authorisation in your email inbox.

Is Tourism Safe in Chile for an Australian Citizen?

Chile is considered a safe place to travel for tourists with many attractions and tours. However, it is always wise to be vigilant of the common problems tourists can run into that may make them unsafe. Always be sure to stick to your tour group and try not to go anywhere unknown on your own. Be vigilant of pickpockets, especially in busy cities and crowded tourist areas. Furthermore be respectful and knowledgeable of local customs and practices, in order to stay safe and have an enjoyable experience. 

Can I Get a Chile Working Holiday Visa in Australia?

Chile currently has a Working Holiday scheme available to Australian Citizens between the ages of 18 and 30. This permits those who are eligible to stay in Chile for up to 12 months, working to pay for their travel and stay. 

This requires a different visa to just tourism, as you are also earning money whilst you are there. You cannot use the eVisa to work, you must apply for the specific visa through the Chilean embassy or consulate.

Do I Need to Print my Travel Authorisation in Colour?

In order to scan your documents as you enter the country, you must have a printed version of the documentation Byevisa sends to you. Simply print out the document when it arrives in your email. You do not have to print it in colour. It only needs to be in black and white, so long as the scannable elements such as codes are entirely visible. 

Can I Apply for Other Chilean Visas Online? 

If you wish to travel to Chile for reasons other than tourism, you need a separate visa. For example, if you are travelling for any form of remunerative purposes, or if you are travelling to study as a student, you need to apply for a separate travel authorisation.

All the Information About the Chile Visa for Australians

All of this information should now, hopefully, have placed you in a position where you feel ready to begin your application process. Using all you’ve found here, you should now be able to start applying with Byevisa.

If, however, there are still some pieces of information you need ahead of your Chilean trip, please take a look at our Visit Chile page. Our dedicated Chile Tourist Visa page can also help you out.

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