Azerbaijan, ‘the Land of Fire’ is where East and West meet. Discover how this former Soviet Republic has transformed and experience the great Azerbaijani hospitality which makes visitors feel like family. Read on for more information ahead of your Azerbaijan adventure!
  • This country has cold winters and hot summers, so pack accordingly! It can be a year-round destination for travellers depending on what you’re looking for. During the summer many residents of the country’s capital Baku escape to the Absheron Peninsula.
  • Wondering what to visit here? Comparisons are often drawn with Dubai because of the lavish architecture in Baku.
  • Azerbaijan has breathtaking scenery, particularly in the Guba region, and it has more mud volcanoes than any other nation in the world!
  • The local currency is the manat. It looks very similar to Euro banknotes, but each note has an image related to different aspects of Azerbaijan identity. It is a very affordable country to visit as a tourist.
  • The main language here is Azeri, a Turkic language similar to Modern Turkish. Russian is widely spoken, but English not so. Have Google Translate to hand if you’re outside the main tourist areas!
  • Azerbaijanis are very hospitable folk. In more rural areas, you may find yourself being invited for a cup of tea served in the typical way: with jam!
Get ready to discover the fascinating cultural melting pot of Azerbaijan in the articles below.