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Jordan Visa for Indians

Jordan Visa from India

When it comes to organising your holidays you have so much to think about. Firstly, you have to think about your flight from India to Jordan as well as your hotel and excursions. Once you have decided your dates and itinerary, you will need to ensure you have the right paperwork in place.

Getting a Jordan tourist visa for Indians needn’t be hard and you can prepare yourself by arranging all your travel certification to ensure you are allowed to access the country. Make sure you and every member of your party have a valid passport and all your paperwork to prove the length and reason of your stay.

Jordan is a country that is steeped in history and, when you plan to visit, you can look forward to seeing some amazing places such as Petra, Al-Maghtas and Jerash.

Do Indians Need a Visa for Jordan?

Any Indian that wishes to visit Jordan must obtain a Visa on Arrival. Without this you are unable to enter the country, leaving you stuck in the airport awaiting a flight home.

To avoid any issues you can start preparing by compiling everything you need beforehand and then present it to the Jordanian officials so that they can process your application quickly after you land. When all your documents have been checked and approved, you can head off to begin your holiday.

Jordan Visa on Arrival for Indians Requirements

It is not possible to get a Jordan e-Visa for Indians and so you need to apply for a Visa on Arrival instead. Whilst Byevisa cannot apply for this on your behalf; we are able to provide you with some basic advice.

On arrival, Indian citizens are able to apply and pay for a Visa on Arrival (VoA). This gives you access to the country for a single entry of up to 30 days. In addition to the paperwork required, you need to have 1,000.00 USD in cash per person (or equivalent currency) to prove you can afford your stay.

If you are unable to complete the process to the satisfaction of the airport visa team, you may be asked to return to your home country.

The documentation you will need to present is as follows:

  • Your passport with at least 6 months’ validity remaining.
  • Your passport with 2 blank pages.
  • A passport photo with a clear background.
  • Your travel details, with confirmation of your exit date and travel bookings.
  • Proof of your accommodation, along with your booking references.
  • A valid payment method for the 40.00 JD visa fee.
  • Evidence of enough funds to cover your entire stay (1,000.00 USD per person).
  • Details of anyone that you are in Jordan to visit.

Jordan Visa Fees for Indians

When it comes to paying for your visa, you will be charged 40.00 JD, which converts into around 56.00 USD. This fee covers the handling of your application, plus gives you access to Jordan for a total of 1 month.

If you are planning to see all the sights that Jordan offers, it would be worth considering the Jordan Pass. This pass is the brainchild of the Jordan Ministry of Tourism and was created to help you make the most of your time in Jordan.

The pass can be purchased in advance and we would be happy to help you in completing this application on your behalf. It gives you entry to over 35 different tourist attractions across Jordan.

As well as giving you access to places you want to visit, this pass also waives your visa fee on arrival. All you need to do is present it with your paperwork to have the fee deducted.

When it comes to applying for this pass with Byevisa, all we need is your credit/debit card or a PayPal account that can be used to take payment. In addition to this, your passport needs at least 6 months left on it from the date of your departure.

Indians Travelling to Jordan – Your Questions Answered

When it comes to travelling to Jordan, we know that you may have many questions. By answering some of the most asked questions below, we hope to help you get the information you need before you even set off.

How Long Does it Take to Get to Jordan From India?

If you are flying to Jordan from India, you can expect to be in the air for just under 6 hours. This will give you plenty of time to relax and unwind on board before you land. Remember that this time does not include your travel to the airport, nor does it include the amount of time you have to wait when applying for your VoA.

Do Minors Need Travel Certification?

Anyone travelling in your party must have a valid passport with 6 months’ validity left as well as proof of your hotel details and itinerary. This paperwork allows you to get entry visas for everyone and minors need to follow mostly the same guidelines as adults, without the pressure of having 1,000.00 USD per minor.

Is Jordan Safe for Indians?

Jordan is a very safe country to visit and prides itself on the hospitality it offers in tourist hot spots. All tourists are advised to take sensible precautions when they are in a new country, but this should not cause you any dissatisfaction with your trip.

Jordanians are very proud of their country and will revel in the opportunity to tell you everything they know about their culture and history if you are happy to listen to them.

Can I Cruise to Jordan From India?

Cruises depart from ports all over the world, and you are able to get a cruise that takes you to Jordan from many of the cruise supplying companies online.

Indians Travelling to Jordan – Let Byevisa Help

Nothing makes Byevisa happier than helping customers get everything they need to enjoy adventures across the world. If you have anything you need help with and we haven’t provided the answer you need, see our Jordan visa page or our visit Jordan page where you’ll find even more guidance about making your application.

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