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All About the Nightlife of Armenia

Nightlife in Armenia

Best known for chess, Charles Aznavour and harissa (the national food), Armenia is a former Soviet republic which sits in the mountainous Caucasus region which separates Asia and Europe. While you may be aware of Armenia’s beauty and ancient Christian culture, you may be surprised to learn that this nation also has some of the best nightlife in the world!

Armenia has the accolade of being home to the world’s oldest winery but, these days, there is much more to Armenia’s nightlife than a drop of Vayots Dzor. If you are thinking of booking a trip to this incredible country, the following is our guide to Amenia after dark. It would appear that the Armenians enjoy a ‘tipple’, due to the number of pubs and bars to pass the night-time hours!

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Introduction to the Yerevan, Armenia Nightlife

Learning about the Yerevan, Armenia nightlife will bring a smile to your face. There is no end of things to do in Yerevan, no matter what you are into. Whether you want great food, dancing or culture, this city has everything that you are looking for and more. Yerevan, known as ‘the city of pink stone’, is breathtakingly beautiful.

When night falls, the city really lights up with multi-coloured neon lights, which give it a festive mood all year round. During the summer months, people long for the sun to set and for the Armenian nightlife to come alive. Everyone from young to old who live there, and all tourists, are happy to stroll around in the cooler evening air and stop wherever they feel like. Yerevan’s nightlife is not to be missed.

What to Do in One Night in Yerevan?

Yerevan, Armenia’s capital, is a city that takes its food seriously and, as such, there are lots of restaurants to choose from, whatever your tastes.

People flock to Republic Square to see the amazing fountain. You could also be lucky to do a bit of ‘planet spotting’ at the right time of the year, as the clear nights reveal some astronomical delights. In one night in Yerevan, you may have the opportunity to see Jupiter, Venus or even Mars.

Back to some ‘liquid entertainment’, some of the best spots are:

Mer Gyugh (Our Village)

A favourite with locals and tourists alike, this cosy eatery serves up traditional Middle Eastern food with lashings of wine and warm, friendly service. A favourite of many tourists, head to this spot on Tumanyan Street – it is a highlight of Yerevan nights.


Just a hop, skip and a jump from Mer Gyugh is the fabulous Lavash. Serving a modern twist on Armenian cuisine, customers can choose between indoor and outdoor dining. From the first floor, you can even view Lavash’s chefs creating the restaurant’s signature dish of ‘lavash’, a thin, leavened flatbread to eat with a variety of delicious toppings.


This stylish tapas bar on Martiros Saryan Street brings a taste of Spain to Yerevan’s streets. Dishing out Spanish staples such as ‘patatas bravas’ (Spanish-style chips in spicy sauce) and ‘calamari’ (battered squid), with a nod to some Armenian favourites, Tapastan is the perfect place to start your night out.

What Is the Armenian Nightlife Like?

Wild and exciting, that is what! Nightlife in Armenia is like nowhere else in the world and, after trying one of the fabulous restaurants above, you may be in the mood for a little music – which Armenia has in spades. Here are top tips for where to enjoy music:

Malkhas Jazz Club

If you are a fan of celeb spotting, you will be in good company in this too-cool-for-school jazz club and restaurant. A favourite of Kim Kardashian, Malkhas is Armenia’s most famous jazz club. Customers can expect smoke, noise and lots of outstanding jazz musicians – including the owner, Levon Malkhasyan, who usually plays a set at midnight.

Mainland Live Music Club

Yerevan nightlife is all about the music and social scene, and this club on Yeznik Koghbatsi Street is the place to be at weekends for Armenia’s music lovers. It’s host to some of Armenia’s most popular stars as well as international artistes.

Dvin Music Hall

This beautiful and traditional Armenian music hall is a must-see for those who want to immerse themselves in the Armenian culture. At any given time, you can hear some of the cream of Armenian talent whilst soaking up the vibe of Dvin’s delightful decor.

About Dancing in Yerevan Nights

If you are in the mood for dancing, you have come to the right place. Armenians love to dance and, so, it will come as no surprise that you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to clubs:


If you are out to party and are of the opinion that the night only starts at midnight, then head to Paparazzi to enjoy international and local DJs and exotic drinks.

As cool as Paparazzi is, if your face does not fit, you are not coming in – the club has a strict ‘face control’ policy. Entry to Paparazzi costs 2000 Armenian dram (around 4.20 USD ) for men and 1000 dram (2.10 USD) for women.


One of Armenia’s oldest clubs, Calumet is also one of the busiest, so you will need to book a table well in advance if you do not want to miss out on this popular hotspot.

Depending on which day you visit, Calumet serves up DJ sets and live gigs by local rock bands, and is well worth a visit.

Amigo Club

If you fancy an excursion to the Caribbean during your trip to Armenia, Amigo Club is the place to be to sip on exotic cocktails and dance the night away to Latino-style music.

What to Do in the Nightlife in Armenia?

Armenian National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet

If it is culture you are after, you will not want to miss the astonishing Armenian National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet. First opened in 1933 with an operatic performance by Alexander Spendiaryan, the building now consists of a 1400-seat concert hall and the 1200-seat opera and ballet theatre.

Stanislavski Russian Theatre of Yerevan

Named after K. Stanislavsky, this unassuming-looking building is host to some of Armenia’s most outstanding shows and plays, all of which are extremely affordable.

The Yerevan State Russian Drama Theatre (as it’s also known) is the ideal choice for a show-stopping evening in Armenia. What to do for nightlife in Armenia – well, you have to experience it and that will be the answer to your question!

El Sky Bar

If all of that sounds a little too energetic, you may prefer to head to the glamorous El Sky Bar on the seventh floor of Yerevan Plaza Business Centre. With indoor and outdoor rooms and cool DJs, El Sky Bar also offers panoramic views over the city.

The Hemingway Pub

For those who prefer a more low-key drink or two, The Hemingway Pub on Tamanyan Street has a laid-back and retro vibe with indoor and outdoor seating (in summer) and a great choice of beers, wines and cocktails.

Conclusion: Enjoy the Nightlife of Armenia

When it comes to great nightlife, there is never a dull moment in Armenia. With an eclectic culture to rival most of the world’s hottest cities, Armenians take their partying seriously – which means that you are always guaranteed a great night!

One of the most attractive things about Yerevan nightlife undoubtedly must be the locals. They are truly friendly and hospitable people. An old Yerevan saying is ‘a guest is a gift from God’ – and they mean it. With the stunning backdrop of Mount Ararat, this place is truly blessed.

There are plenty of things to do in Yerevan, Armenia for nightlife, and your Armenian dram (the local currency) will go a long, long way.

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