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Morocco Visa for UK Citizens

Morocco visa for UK citizens

Morocco is becoming a very popular tourist destination for British citizens who are keen to discover the country’s history and fascinating culture. If you’re planning a Moroccan holiday, though, you need to know as much as possible about whether or not you need to obtain a travel authorisation to permit you to gain entry to the country on arrival. You can rely on the Byevisa team to give you the details you need, so read on to learn more.

Do I Need a Visa for Morocco From the UK?

British citizens who are travelling on a Moroccan holiday don’t need to worry about obtaining any type of travel authorisation before their trip. If you’re a citizen of the UK travelling on a British passport, there is no need to apply in advance or on arrival for a visa. You will simply be granted entry to the country as long as your passport is valid for a minimum of 3 months after your arrival date.

If you aren’t a United Kingdom citizen, though, you may need to apply in advance for your travel authorisation. This applies even if you have leave to remain in Britain or if you are married to a British citizen. If your nationality is not on the list of countries that have visa-exempt entry, you need to make your application through the Moroccan authorities so you can legally gain entry to the country on your arrival.

What Is the Morocco Visa Fee for UK Residents?

If you are a British citizen, you won’t need to pay any money since no Moroccan visa is required to enter the country as a tourist. If you are a United Kingdom resident who doesn’t have British nationality, though, and your nationality isn’t on the list of visa-exempt countries, you need to pay a fee of either 25.25 USD for a Single-Entry or 34 USD for a Multiple-Entry travel authorisation.

How to Get a Visa for Morocco From the UK

If you require a Moroccan visa, you can apply in advance from the UK in person at the Moroccan consulate in London or by post if you live outside the capital.

If you are applying in person, you need to arrange an appointment online so you know when to attend the consulate.

If you are applying by post, you need to complete the application form and send it to the consulate in the mail. You need to enclose the required documents as well as the fee in cash and a prepaid self-addressed envelope.

What Questions Are on the Morocco Visa Application Form for UK Tourists?

There are certain details you need to complete when filling in an application form for a Moroccan travel authorisation. These include:

  • Your first name and last name.
  • Your contact details. This includes your address, email address and telephone number.
  • Your passport details including its expiry date, passport number and the country of issue.
  • Your nationality.

What Are the Morocco Visa Requirements for UK Citizens?

The only eligibility criteria British citizens need to adhere to when entering the country as a tourist regards their passport. You require a valid and undamaged passport which remains valid for at least 3 months after the date of arrival and is valid for the entire duration of your stay.

If you are a UK resident who needs a Moroccan visa, you need to supply the following:

  • A completed application form.
  • 2 colour passport photos on a white background.
  • A copy of your residence permit that shows at least 3 months’ validity remaining.
  • A valid passport with a minimum of 90 days’ validity remaining on the date of application.
  • A passport photocopy.
  • A travel insurance document.
  • A bank statement.
  • The estimated travel dates.
  • Request from an authorised travel agency or a recommendation from the Ministry of Tourism or the Moroccan National Tourist Office.

How Long is a Morocco Visa for UK Citizens and Residents Valid For?

If you are a UK citizen, you can enter the country as a tourist for a period of 3 months without needing to obtain any further documentation. If you are a UK resident who needs a travel authorisation to enter the country, you can obtain a short-stay document which allows you to remain in the country for up to 90 days.

More Questions About the Visa to Morocco From the UK

Now you know more about whether or not you require a Morocco tourist visa from the UK and, if you do, how to go about obtaining one. Nevertheless, should you have more questions that need answering we have brought you answers below.

Is There a Morocco Visa on Arrival for UK Tourists?

UK citizens require no travel authorisation to enter the country as a tourist for a period of up to 3 months, so there is no need to obtain any document on arrival. If you’re a UK resident who requires a visa you won’t be able to get one when you arrive. You must, therefore, apply for it in advance before your trip.

What Is the Processing Time for the Morocco Visa in the UK?

If you need to make a travel authorisation application before your Moroccan holiday begins, you need to make sure you’ve allowed sufficient processing time.

Although the processing time should be no longer than 2 weeks, it some cases it will take longer. Therefore, it’s advisable to apply around 3 months before your trip to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing the document is in your possession when you’re due to travel.

Is Morocco Safe for UK Travellers?

Countless British travellers arrive in Morocco on holiday every year and encounter no issues at all. Of course, it makes sense to be vigilant in tourist areas, such as the Medina, where pickpockets may be operating, and choose authorised and trustworthy tourist guides when visiting popular sites. If you take the usual precautions to stay safe, you should experience no difficulties and have an enjoyable holiday.

More Details About Travelling to Morocco

Hopefully, you’re now ready to arrange your Moroccan visa if you need one to allow you to go on your holiday. To learn more about visiting Morocco, click here.

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