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Cambodia Visa for Indians

Cambodia Visa for Indian Citizens

Indians travelling to Cambodia on vacation need to ensure that they’ve sorted out their travel authorisation before they travel, otherwise they could be refused entry on arrival.

The good news is that you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with getting your authorisation in advance, thanks to Byevisa’s easy and convenient online eVisa service.

There is lots to see and do on a Cambodian vacation. From the famous Angkor Wat temple to the amazing Art Déco Market and glittering palace in Phnom Penh, there’s no shortage of attractions to keep you busy!


Cambodia eVisa for Indians

To answer the question “do Indians need a visa for Cambodia?”, the answer is “yes”. Indians travelling on a Cambodian vacation can enjoy the convenience of applying for an eVisa in advance before travelling. Although it’s possible to get your visa on arrival in the country, it’s much better and more reassuring to know that you’ve sorted out your documentation before you arrive.

When you apply online through the Byevisa site for your Cambodian eVisa, you are permitted to enter the country for a maximum of 30 days and can enter and leave the country once. Your travel document is valid for 90 days after issue.

To apply, you just need supporting documents including:

  • A passport with at least 6 months’ validity remaining.
  • A 35x45mm passport photo.
  • A scan of your passport’s bio page (the page with your photo).

Applying for Your Cambodian eVisa as an Indian

With Byevisa, it’s simple to make an application for a Cambodian tourist eVisa online. Just click “Apply for Visa” below, then enter the requested information including:

  • Your email.
  • Your intended exit and entry dates.
  • Your full name as it appears on your passport.
  • Your gender.
  • Your nationality.
  • Your birth date.
  • The country in which you were born.
  • The country where you currently reside.
  • The passport number.
  • The issue and expiry dates of your passport.
  • Your arrival port.

Once this is complete, just select how soon you want your travel document to reach you. We can offer Standard (3 business days), Rapid (2 business days) or Highly Rapid (24 hours) services. Finally, enter your payment card details or PayPal address, then click on “Submit Payment”.

Cambodia Visa Fee for Indians

You need to pay a fee when applying online for your Cambodian eVisa. The government’s fee is currently 36.00 USD, and remember that Byevisa will also charge you a small additional processing fee for handling your paperwork on your behalf.

This ranges from 20.00 USD for our 3 business day Standard service, 50.00 USD for our 2 business day Rapid service, to 80.00 USD for our 24 hour Highly Rapid service. So the total you pay is a combination of the government’s fee and the Byevisa processing time you select.

Cambodia Visa on Arrival for Indians

As an Indian citizen it’s possible to apply for your Cambodian travel authorisation when you arrive in the country. However, if you choose this option, you will need to queue when you fly into the country. You will also need to supply a range of documentation to the authorities on your arrival. This can be quite a stressful process, so it makes sense to arrange your eVisa in advance through Byevisa as this will give you greater peace of mind.

Cambodia Visa for Indians FAQs

We’ve given you most of the details you need to visit Cambodia as an Indian on vacation. Hopefully, you now know most of the facts that you need. However, here, we answer a few more common questions.

Cambodia Visa for Indians – Which Ports Can I Arrive Through?

When you choose to arrange your eVisa in advance you need to arrive through one of the following entry ports:

  • Phnom Penh International Airport
  • Siem Reap International Airport
  • Poi Pet
  • Bavet
  • Cham Yeam
  • Tropaeng Kreal Border Post
  • Sihanoukville International Airport

How Far in Advance Do I Need to Apply for a Cambodia Evisa for Indians?

The good news is that it’s very quick and simple to make your application online for a Cambodian eVisa as an Indian citizen. The process itself only takes a few minutes, so it couldn’t be speedier or more convenient. It is certainly a better option than queuing up when you arrive in the country!

It’s also important to note that Byevisa offers a range of speeds at which you can receive your paperwork, so you can be sure that you receive your documents before you set off on your vacation.

Do Indians Need a Visa for Cambodia if They are in Transit?

If you are only going to be travelling through Cambodia on your way to another destination, you may not require any kind of travel authorisation. If you’re only planning to stay inside the airport on your arrival until your next flight onwards departs, you won’t need to obtain a tourist eVisa. If you do plan to leave the airport though, you need to make an online application.

What About a Cambodia Visa for Indians Who are Minors?

If you’re travelling with your children on a Cambodian vacation, you still need to ensure that you have obtained the appropriate travel authorisation for every member of your party, even those who are under 18. Make sure that you make an eVisa application for yourself and your children in advance before you head off on your trip.

More Information About the Cambodia e-Visa for Indians

The information that we’ve provided here should hopefully be sufficient to help you arrange your travel authorisation for your Cambodian vacation.

However, if you’re an Indian citizen who needs any further details, you should visit our Cambodian visas page or alternatively visit this page to obtain more helpful details about visiting Cambodia.

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