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Cambodia Visa for Australian Citizens

Cambodia Visa for Australians

Are you planning a Cambodian holiday as an Australian citizen? This Southeast Asian country is beautiful and culturally fascinating, but you need to ensure you get the correct travel authorisation before you set off on your trip or you risk being turned back at the border.

Luckily, Byevisa’s speedy and convenient service helps you make your visa application easily to get your holiday off to the best possible start. Read on to learn more about how to apply for the Cambodia visa in Australia.

Do I Need a Visa for Cambodia From Australia?

Yes, any Australian citizen who is travelling to Cambodia as a tourist must apply in advance for an appropriate travel authorisation. Luckily, the process is a quick and easy one thanks to our online application service. You can get your e-Visa for Cambodia from Australia online with Byevisa. We send it directly to your email inbox so you can print it out and take it with you on your holiday.

What Is the Cambodia Visa From Australia Cost?

The visa for Cambodia from Australia costs 36 USD plus an additional administration fee charged by Byevisa for handling the paperwork on your behalf. The cost of this fee varies depending on the speed at which you need to receive your authorisation. You can select from:

  • Standard processing which takes 4 working days.
  • Rapid processing which takes 2 working days.
  • Highly Rapid processing which takes just 24 hours.

How to Get a Visa for Cambodia in Australia

To obtain your visa for Cambodia for Australian citizens you simply complete the online form here on our website.

Once you have entered your passport and personal details, you select the speed at which you need to receive your authorisation and pay the necessary fee using your credit or debit card. You then receive an email with your document attached, ready to print and take with you on holiday.

Be sure to print out 2 copies of your authorisation. You’ll give immigration officials one when you enter the country and the other when you exit.

What Are the Cambodia Visa Requirements for Australian Citizens?

As an Australian citizen you need the following when making your application for an eVisa:

  • A scan of your passport’s personal bio page. Your passport must have at least 6 months’ validity remaining on the date of your arrival in the country and with 2 blank pages.
  • A scanned passport photo (35 x 45 mm).
  • A credit or debit card, or a PayPal account.
  • An email address so you can receive your travel document.

How Long is a Visa to Cambodia From Australia Valid For?

The eVisa has a validity period of 3 months from the date of issue. It permits you to remain in the country for a period of no longer than 30 days in total. It is a Single Entry visa that only allows you to enter and leave the country once.

What Questions Are on the Canada Visa Application Form From Australia?

You need to type in some personal information when you’re applying for your Cambodian eVisa. These include:

  • Your names (first and last).
  • Passport details including the expiry date and number.
  • Your nationality and your country of birth.
  • Your gender.
  • Contact details including your phone number and home address.
  • Your valid email address.

Australia to Cambodia Visa FAQs

Now that we’ve given you more information about how to apply for your visa to Cambodia from Australia, you should have the details you require to start making your online eVisa application to enable you to legally enter the country.

However, should you need more advice, here are the answers to a number of other commonly asked questions.

Do You Need a Visa for Cambodia From Australia for Children?

Every Australian citizen travelling to Cambodia needs a Cambodian eVisa valid for their trip, regardless of their age. That means that if you are travelling with children under the age of 18, you also need to make sure to apply for a travel authorisation on their behalf to permit them to enter the country legally.

How Long Does it Take to Process a Cambodia Visa Online From Australia?

The speed at which your Cambodian eVisa is processed and emailed to you ready for printing depends on which option you’ve selected in terms of the processing time.

If you opt for the Standard processing option you receive your paperwork in around 4 working days. If you choose the Rapid option you can expect your document to be emailed to you in 2 working days, or within 24 hours if you choose the Highly Rapid processing option.

Is There a Cambodia Visa on Arrival for Australian Citizens?

The Cambodian eVisa is actually not the travel authorisation document itself. Rather, it is an eVisa certificate. This allows you to receive an eVisa when you arrive in the country from the immigration authorities.

Therefore, you are, in effect, receiving a Visa on Arrival when you get to Cambodia. However, there is no need to pay or complete the paperwork on your arrival in the country – the process has all been completed in advance, making it quicker and easier to gain entry.

Is Cambodia Safe for Australians?

Cambodia is a relatively safe place for Australians to visit. The crime rate against tourists is very low, with most Cambodian citizens being friendly, helpful and welcoming to visitors from overseas.

You should, of course, take precautions to protect your belongings from petty crimes such as pickpocketing. Make sure to keep your money and valuables out of sight when in crowded areas and keep your bag under the table by your feet rather than on the back of your chair when dining in a restaurant.

More About How to Get a Visa for Cambodia From Australia

By now, you should have the guidance you require to get started with making your Cambodian eVisa application here on our website. However, should you need further details or advice, don’t hesitate to check out page about the Cambodian tourist visa or our visit Cambodia section.

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