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The ETIAS is coming soon. We can assist in processing this document once it’s available.

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The European Travel Information and Authorisation System is planned for launch in late 2022 and will be required in 2023. Preparation is key for international travel, and here at Byevisa we aim to provide the most up-to-date information available so our customers can make informed travel decisions. Find out all you will need to know about this new system for your future trips.

All About the ETIAS Authorisation for Poland

Planning to visit Warsaw, Krakow or Gdańsk on vacation? You are in for a treat.

However, starting in 2023 all tourists traveling to Poland must apply for authorisation unless you are from a country that is a member of the EU or Schengen zone.

Citizens from more than 60 countries must familiarise themselves with the European Travel Information and Authorisation System, aka the ETIAS. Thankfully, this is something Byevisa can help you out with. Here we explain what this new system is, who is required to apply and more.

Once you have your Poland travel pass authorised, you will be able to visit the country’s salt mines and other tourist sites for trips of up to 90 days.

Difference Between Poland ETIAS and Poland Visa

Unsure of the difference between this new authorisation and a visa for Poland?

Well, first off, you can get the ETIAS online, no trip to the embassy required! This authorisation allows you to travel to all countries in the Schengen Area, including Poland, for trips lasting up to 90 days. You must be travelling for tourism, business, transit or medical purposes.

The type of document you require depends on one fundamental factor — where you are from. Citizens of around 60 countries, including Australia, Canada and the United States, are all eligible for the ETIAS.

Some of the nationalities who are not eligible include Indians, Pakistanis and Nigerians. If this applies to you, you must make an appointment at the Polish embassy in your country to obtain a traditional tourist visa. Travellers who plan to stay for over 90 days or for reasons not outlined above, such as work or study, will also need to apply for a visa for the Czech Republic.

Enter your nationality and destination into our interactive visa checker tool here to see what authorisation you need:

The full list of eligible countries is also available in the next section.

Poland ETIAS Requirements for Eligible Countries

Do you require a visa or other type of authorisation for your Krakow trip?

If you are a national of one of these countries, you must apply for the ETIAS before you touch down in Poland:

Antigua and Barbuda
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brunei Darussalam
Costa Rica
El Salvador
Federated States of Micronesia

Hong Kong
Marshall Islands
New Zealand
North Macedonia
Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Solomon Islands
South Korea
Timor Leste
Trinidad and Tobago
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States

Please read the following ETIAS requirements carefully before you apply:

  • Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your intended arrival day.
  • You must be travelling for tourism, business, transit or medical purposes.
  • You can only stay in the Schengen Area for a maximum of 90 days in any 180-day period.
  • You are required to answer some standard medical and security questions to determine if you are eligible to enter Poland.

Application Process to Obtain the ETIAS Poland

Byevisa takes the hassle out of organising your travel documentation. Follow the instructions below and you will have everything you need sorted for your trip in no time.

1. Confirm that you are eligible using our visa checker tool. You can also get started with your application by using the button below:

2. Enter your personal details into our user friendly electronic form. Obligatory fields include your full name, date of birth and passport number.

3. Choose your processing speed. We offer Standard, Rapid and our express service Highly Rapid to ensure all customers get their documentation in time.

4. Pay for your travel pass with debit card, credit card or PayPal account and submit your application to pass your details on to our customer service team for processing.

5. Look out for a confirmation mail from Byevisa clarifying that we have received your application request.

6. In the following days, you will receive your travel pass to your email within the selected time window. Printing a physical copy to show to immigration officials at the airport is strongly advised.

ETIAS – Form and Documents Required to Visit Poland

When you hear the words ‘travel forms’ you may have visions of endless documents asking you your mother’s maiden name and all kinds of seemingly irrelevant questions.

Not to worry! With Byevisa, applying for your Poland ETIAS authorisation is simple and easy. Just enter these details into our online form:

  • Your contact email address.
  • Your anticipated arrival date in the country.
  • Your first name and last name (and middle name if you have one).
  • Your gender.
  • Your nationality
  • Your date of birth and the country where you were born.
  • Your current country of residence and your address.
  • Your phone number.
  • Your passport number, its date of issue and the expiry date.

We also ask you a few basic medical and security questions, such as if you have been convicted of any serious criminal offences. This is so the European Union can run a standard security check before permitting you to enter the country.

As well as making your own application, you can also obtain authorisation for others travelling in your party. You just need their details.

The next step is to choose your processing speed. We offer travellers 3 different options depending on how quickly you need your access pass.

  1. Standard: Travelers receive your pass in X days for just  X USD.
  2. Rapid: Your pass will be ready to print in X days for a X USD charge.
  3. Highly Rapid: Receive your authorisation in only X days for  X USD.

Once you have decided on your processing speed, you need to pay the associated fee.

Enter the following card details from your debit or credit card carefully:

  • Your full name as it is written on your card.
  • Your card number.
  • The expiry date.
  • The 3-digit security pin which is located on the back of the card.

Alternatively, you can make the payment using PayPal, just follow the instructions that appear on screen.

Submit your application and leave the rest to us! Your travel pass will arrive in your email inbox in the timeframe you’ve chosen. Print a copy and you’re ready to go.

ETIAS Poland – Status Check

Rest assured that your application is in safe hands with us. It feels good knowing that someone is taking care of the logistics!

You receive your travel pass directly in your email inbox when the processing time you selected is up. In the case you do not see an email from Byevisa within the stipulated time period, please feel free to get in touch to check up on the status of your application.

Select the Status option from the main menu and fill in the form with your name, email address, the topic of your query and a description of the issue. Our customer service team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

You can also use the form to contact us at any time if you realise you made a mistake with your application.

How Much is the ETIAS for Poland?

Transparency is important to us, so rest assured that there are no hidden costs to process your application.

The EU charges  X USD per visa. As well as this, you will also pay our processing fee to manage your travel documents. We have express options as well as a more economic Standard service.

So let’s imagine that you apply for the authorisation for you and your friend and opt for our Highly Rapid service, which costs X USD.

The total cost would be X USD per person (X USD visa charge + X USD Byevisa handling cost).

Please note that the European Union waivers the visa charge for children under 18 and people over 70. You only pay Byevisa’s processing fee for these applicants.


Yes, you can visit all the countries that form the Schengen zone, including nearby Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany and Lithuania.
When you apply for the ETIAS authorisation you are already requesting a pass that allows multiple entries. You can come and go as you please during the 3 years your pass is valid, as long as you don’t stay more than 90 days in any 180-day period.
Technically, no, it’s not necessary because your ETIAS authorisation is digitally linked to your electronic passport. However, we advise that you and everyone else in your party prints their pass out though, just in case.
No, the new system will not be ready to use until late 2022. When it becomes available, you will be able to apply with Byevisa.
Yes. When your authorisation is within 120 days of expiring, you can apply for a new travel pass. Byevisa makes this process a lot less time consuming.
If your passport expires, your ETIAS is no longer valid. When you get a new passport, you need to apply for new ETIAS authorisation too. If you travel regularly, it is important to renew your passport long before it reaches the expiration date.
Applicants with dual nationality will apply for the travel pass in the same way. Apply using a passport from a country that is eligible, and take care that you bring the passport that is linked to your ETIAS when you travel to Poland.
If you choose our Highly Rapid service, your authorisation will be in your email inbox ready to print in just X days. If you choose a slower processing speed it will be a little longer: either X days (Rapid) or X days (Standard).
The Poland government website is one of the places where you can find bureaucratic information about the ETIAS. However, browsing through Byevisa’s page is much easier.
The Poland ETIAS expires after 3 years or when your passport expires, if that is sooner. When your passport expires, you must apply for a new passport and a new ETIAS too.
Unfortunately, no, there is a cost incurred for most applicants. However, minors under 18 and adults over 70 are the exceptions. If you fall into either of these age brackets, you just have to pay the Byevisa handling fee, not the visa charge.
It is rare that the EU rejects applications. However, it does happen if you don’t meet the basic criteria. If your authorisation is denied, we will contact you explaining the reason where possible.
Here is an example of how your approved travel pass will look:
Want to know more about the country that brought us some of the best dumplings in the world as well as Nobel prize winners like Marie Curie? For more Poland facts and information, take a look at these links:
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