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The new ETIAS travel pass (European Travel Information and Authorisation System) will launch in late 2022 and is a prerequisite for travel from 2023. Until this date, here is everything you need to know about this new travel to Switzerland visa!

Introducing the ETIAS for Switzerland

Dreaming of an Alpine adventure with a side of fondue? Whether you’re planning to visit Europe’s largest waterfall or take a scenic train journey through the mountains, you’re in for a treat.

To enter the land of chocolate and cuckoo clocks you need to make sure you have the right travel authorisation secured. You might be asking yourself ‘do I need a visa for Switzerland?’ Well, this depends on what type of passport you hold. Recent changes to EU legislation mean that citizens of countries including Canada, the UK, Australia and the United States now need to apply for travel validation in advance to get past border control.

Fortunately, this new Switzerland tourist visa is 21st-century proof and applications can be made entirely online. When you apply with Byevisa it takes between X hours and X days if you opt for our cheapest service.

Once you have acquired the visa to Switzerland, it is valid for 3 years during which time you can enjoy everything the Swiss Alps has to offer and also explore the other countries that make up the EU’s Schengen Area. Remember, if you obtain the Swiss ETIAS, you must enter the Schengen zone via Switzerland.

What is the Difference Between the Switzerland ETIAS and a Switzerland Visa?

There are a couple of key differences between the new Switzerland ETIAS and traditional Switzerland visa requirements:

  1. Who is eligible

The ETIAS is for citizens of those countries that were previously exempt from needing a travel pass for European travel. This includes people coming from the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. It applies not only to these countries but to more than 50 others across the globe.

You can find a full list of these in the requirements section.

If you’re a national of a country that isn’t part of the European Union and you’re not eligible for the ETIAS you can apply for a Schengen visa for Switzerland instead, a different type of Switzerland tourist visa that grants access to Schengen zone countries.

2. The ETIAS is entirely online

If you’re eligible, you can apply for your travel pass from anywhere in the world. No need to visit the embassy! Just grab your laptop, mobile phone or iPad and fill in the required information for yourself and your travel party and you’ll be ready to explore this magical mountainous country in no time.

Switzerland ETIAS Requirements for Eligible Countries

Here is an exhaustive list of all those countries that can apply for this new electronic travel pass:

Antigua and Barbuda
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brunei Darussalam
Costa Rica
El Salvador
Federated States of Micronesia

Hong Kong
Marshall Islands
New Zealand
North Macedonia
Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Solomon Islands
South Korea
Timor Leste
Trinidad and Tobago
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States

Eligible for this pass? In order to apply you need the following:

  • An email address where Byevisa can send your validated travel authorisation to.
  • Some personal information including your full name, address and date of birth. Further details can be found in the ‘Forms and Documents’ section.
  • Your passport details including the issue date and expiry date. Your I.D must be valid for a minimum of 6 months’ from the date you intend to enter Switzerland.
  • Some health and security information for an EU security check. This is for the protection of all European Union citizens.
  • A valid payment method to pay the processing fees (options are debit card, credit card or a PayPal account).

Once you have secured the ETIAS Switzerland authorisation, you can explore not just this majestic nation, but also the 25 other countries belonging to the Schengen zone. The ETIAS isn’t for one time use, it is a Multiple Entry travel pass. You can use it to enter any Schengen Area country for a maximum of 90 days over a 180-day period.

ETIAS Application Process for Switzerland

Your application can be completed in just 3 simple steps when you apply through Byevisa. The process only takes a few minutes and once you’ve submitted your form you’re well on your way to being ready for your trip.

Step 1

Enter some personal and passport details into our simple online form. You can also apply on behalf of other members of your travel party including any minors under your care.

Step 2

Choose how fast you want to obtain your travel pass from our 3 convenient processing speeds – Standard (X days) Rapid (X days) and Highly Rapid (X days).

Step 3

Pay for and submit your application using your debit or credit card or PayPal account. You will then receive an email confirmation once your application has been approved.

ETIAS – Form and Documents to Visit Switzerland

One of the many advantages of using Byevisa to help you plan your trip is that you don’t have to spend forever standing in a queue to fill in loads of forms.

You just need to enter the following details into our simple online form:

  • Your full name.
  • Your gender.
  • Your birthdate.
  • Your country of birth.
  • Your country of residence.
  • Your passport number.
  • Your passport issue date.
  • Your passport expiry date.
  • Which visa you’re applying for (in this case, the Switzerland travel visa).
  • Which Schengen Member State you’re visiting first (again, you’ll enter Switzerland).
  • What date you plan on entering the country.
  • Some key medical and security information, such as whether you have a criminal record.

To send you your validated travel pass we require a contact email address (make sure to enter the correct one so your pass doesn’t get lost in cyberspace!)

We also request the following contact information:

  • Your telephone number.
  • Your home address.

If you want to add the details for someone else in your travel party, you will need all their personal information too.

Next, decide how quickly you require your ETIAS authorisation. Byevisa offers travellers 3 convenient processing speeds to suit both super-organised voyagers and more last-minute planners:

  1. Standard processing: Receive your ETIAS in X days for an X USD fee.
  2. Rapid delivery: Have your pass in X days for a processing fee of X USD.
  3. Highly Rapid speed: Get it in only X days for just X USD.

The final step is to pay for and submit your application. Payment options include debit, credit card or PayPal. If you choose to pay by card you need to enter the following details:

  • Your name exactly as it appears on your bank card.
  • The 16-digit number found on the front of the card.
  • The debit or credit card’s expiry date.
  • The 3-digit security code located on the back of your card.

Once you’ve done all this and submitted your travel authorisation request you can sit back and plan which part of the Swiss Alps to explore! Your pass will arrive in your inbox in the chosen timeframe, all ready for you to print out.

ETIAS Switzerland – Status Check

As mentioned above, your pass will arrive as an email attachment to the email address specified in the form in just X to X days depending on which processing speed you opt for.

If it does not arrive by the specified date, please get in touch to check the status of your application. To do this, simply access the Status section of the Byevisa site and enter your full name, email address and your reason for contacting customer support into the form.

Realised that you’ve made an error after submitting your application? Please contact us straight away so we can amend your application where possible. If we haven’t started processing it yet we will do this free of charge; otherwise, you’ll need to apply again and pay the fee again too.

How Much Is the ETIAS Fee for Switzerland?

A fee of X USD is payable to the EU in order to secure this travel authorisation. If you are over 70 years of age, or a minor under 18, this fee does not apply.

You will also pay a processing fee to enable us to manage your documentation on your behalf. This investment means you can spend less time worrying about having the right papers in place and more on planning your itinerary!

The charge for this varies depending on how fast you require the authorisation:

  • Our Standard service costs X per person (delivery in X days).
  • Our Rapid costs X per applicant (delivery in X days).
  • Our Highly Rapid is X per person (delivery in just X days).

To break this down even more clearly – if you go for our Standard service you would pay X in total (X for the visa + X processing fee).

ETIAS Switzerland FAQs

Want to learn more about this digital travel pass ahead of your trip to ‘The Playground of Europe?’ Read on for a breakdown of the most commonly asked questions for travellers visiting this majestic country.

This depends on where you are from. Please use our free visa checker tool to confirm whether nationals of your country require authorisation to visit the land of chocolate and cheese.
This pass also gives you access to the 25 other European countries that form the Schengen Area. This includes nearby Italy, Germany, Austria and France.
Yes, when you purchase an ETIAS you are investing in a Multiple Entry travel pass. You will be able to enter any Schengen zone country for up to 90 days over a 180-day period. So for example, you can’t visit the Swiss Alps for 90 days, immediately fly to the UK, fly back to Switzerland, and enter for another 90 days.
Technically no, the authorisation is electronically linked to your passport so airport officials can scan it easily. We do, however, strongly recommend printing out a copy of it, just in case.
No, the electronic travel authorisation system will not be up and running until 2022. From 2023 it will be obligatory to obtain this pass before travel. In the meantime, you can scroll through this page to familiarise yourself with this new travel document.
Yes, you can renew your pass if you want to explore the country further. 120 days before your current authorisation expires you can submit your application for renewal via Byevisa.
The ETIAS is invalid if you don’t hold a current passport. If your identification expires you’ll need to apply for a new passport and then apply for Swiss travel authorisation again.
Your finalised travel document will look similar to this:
Yes, Americans do require a Switzerland Visa for US citizens to enter Swiss territory. You can find details of all other nationalities that are eligible for this pass in our ETIAS requirements section.
Fortunately, getting an ETIAS is not a long, complicated process. You can have your ETIAS in your email inbox in X to X days depending on which processing speed you choose at the checkout.
The official EU site is a portal with detailed information about this new travel authorisation. However, you can find everything you need to know in an easily digested format right here on Byevisa.
Your ETIAS pass has a 3-year validity period. During this period, you can visit not only Switzerland but any country in the Schengen zone for up to 90 days during any 180-day period. Please bear in mind that if your passport expires, your ETIAS will no longer be valid.
The EU offers the ETIAS authorisation free of charge for those travellers over 70 or under 18 years of age. The Byevisa processing fee is still mandatory, however.
In the unlikely event that your application is rejected, we’ll contact you via email to inform you of the decision and let you know your options for appealing the decision.
If only one of your nationalities is eligible, apply with that particular passport. If both your nationalities are eligible, you can apply with either. Remember to take the correct passport when you travel to Switzerland!
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