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An eVisa is required. We can assist in processing this document.

Travel Document Type


Government Fee

USD 50.00

Byevisa Processing Fee

USD 25.00

Processing Time

5 business days

All About the Malawi Visa

Malawi’s government requires the majority of its tourists to obtain a visa to legally enter the country. Fortunately, the newly implemented Electronic Visa system offers visitors an easy way to apply for your travel authorisation online. This allows you to avoid waiting in long airport queues and filling out paperwork by hand.

Citizens of over 200 countries and territories may apply for an Electronic Visa to visit Malawi. If you’re from Europe, the UK, the US, India, Australia, or New Zealand, you can apply for an e-Visa before you travel. You can apply for this electronic document with Byevisa from anywhere in the world, and once it’s approved we send it to you by email. The process takes between 5 and 8 business days.

The Malawi eVisa is for a Single Entry only. This authorisation is valid for up to 90 days and allows you to stay in the country for a maximum of 30 days from the date you arrive.

The government fee for an e-Visa is 50.00 USD. Byevisa charges an additional processing fee to handle your paperwork, and our prices start at 25.00 USD.

Continue reading to find out how Byevisa can help you get on your way to Malawi, and click ‘Apply Now’ to get your eVisa!

e-Visa versus Malawi Visa on Arrival

An eVisa for Malawi is a travel authorisation that you obtain online before you go. This allows you to skip the queues and the paperwork at the port of arrival. Byevisa makes it quick and easy to get your electronic authorisation. This way, when you arrive the process is simple: all you have to do is show your e-Visa and your passport at the border control and you’re ready to go.

On the other hand, a Visa on Arrival is an authorisation that you apply for when you land by going to the airport’s visa area, waiting in the queue, filling out the application form and paying the fee. The most convenient and time-saving option is to apply for an eVisa.

Malawi Visa Requirements and Eligibility

All nationalities except the 33 visa-exempt countries listed below are eligible to apply for an eVisa for Malawi. To check whether your country requires a visa, select your nationality with our checker tool.

Citizens from these visa-exempt countries and territories can stay in Malawi visa-free for up to 90 days:

Antigua and Barbuda
Hong Kong (30 days)

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
South Africa
Trinidad and Tobago

Keep in mind that you need a valid passport to apply. Its expiration date must be at least 6 months after your arrival date and it must have 2 blank pages available for stamping.

Malawi’s electronic authorisation is for a Single Entry only, meaning that if you want to travel into neighbouring Zambia, or the Tanzania or Mozambique sides of Lake Malawi, you need to apply for multiple eVisas according to the number of times you need to enter the country.

Your electronic travel document has a validity of 90 days from the date of issue, meaning that you must use it during this 90-day timeframe. If you’re unable to travel during that time, you’ll need to apply for a new authorisation. Once you arrive in the country you may stay for up to 30 days.

You are required to upload some documents as part of the application.

All applicants need a scanned digital copy of the following :

  • A recent photo.
  • The biodata page of your passport.
  • A covering letter from your host in Malawi, signed by the host.
  • A covering letter from an agent or accommodation.

Applicants under age 21 are considered minors and also require a digital copy of:

  • The applicant’s birth certificate.
  • The biodata page of the passport of the applicant’s parent or guardian.
  • The consent form.
  • A document that proves legal guardianship if guardian is not a natural parent.

You require a yellow fever vaccination if you are travelling to Malawi from a country where there is a risk of yellow fever. To find out if this applies to you, visit the World Health Organisation’s website.

Malawi Visa Application Process

Byevisa’s application process for a Malawi eVisa is straightforward.

  1. Fill in our online application form with data from your passport as well as details about your trip.
  2. Upload the following documents as part of your application:
    • A recent passport photo.
    • Passport information page.
    • Confirmation of your accommodation, either a letter from your host or your hotel reservation.
    • Minors’ birth certificates and guardian consent letters, if applicable.
    • Please note that these documents must be scanned. The application system does not allow photographs of your documents.
  3. Pay the government’s 50.00 USD fee along with our processing fee with a bank card or PayPal.
  4. We handle the processing of your paperwork according to the timeframe you specify in your application, between 5 and 8 business days.
  5. When your authorisation is approved, we send your eVisa to the email address you provided in your application. This is the document you will show the customs agent when you arrive. While you may show it on your mobile phone, we recommend printing a copy as well.

Malawi Visa Application Form and Documents

Here we walk you through the steps of how to complete your Malawi eVisa application with Byevisa. We keep it simple so you can spend your time planning your visit to see the wild animals in Liwonde National Park.

1. First, select your nationality from the form above, along with where you’re travelling (Malawi).

2. To start your application, click ‘Apply Now.’ You’re directed to a new page where you enter the following personal data:

  • Your email address, the one we use to communicate with you and send your e-Visa.
  • Your dates of arrival and departure.
  • Your name and surname, making sure they match what’s in your passport.
  • Your gender.
  • The country where you are a citizen.
  • Your date of birth.
  • The country where you were born.
  • The country where you currently reside.
  • Your passport number, along with its issue and expiry dates.

As part of your application, you upload the following documents:

  • Your passport photo.
  • A scan of your passport information page.
  • A scanned copy of either your hotel reservation or a letter from your host.
  • A scanned copy of minors’ birth certificates, if applicable.
  • A letter from minors’ other legal guardian, if applicable.

3. The final step is to enter your credit or debit card number or use PayPal to pay the government eVisa fee and our processing fee. After you’ve double-checked that all your data is correct, click ‘Submit Payment.’

This finalises your application along with your payment. That’s it – all you need to do is wait for your approved travel document to arrive by email! Your processing time varies depending on the speed you select, between 5 and 8 business days in total.

4. Once your application is approved, we send your Malawi eVisa to your email inbox. This is the document you’ll show to immigration officials when you arrive. We recommend that you both print your eVisa and save a copy on your smartphone.

Malawi Visa Status Check

Wondering if your travel pass has been approved yet? Reach out to us by clicking

Reach out to us by clicking ‘Log in’ in our website main menu, which takes you to our support page. Here you fill in:

  • Your email address.
  • Your order ID number.

Then send us a message with details of your request. Someone from our customer service team will respond to your message as quickly as possible. You can also find out:

  • Whether your eVisa has been approved.
  • If your authorisation is still pending approval.
  • The start date and expiration date of your approved travel document.
  • If your application was denied, and the reason. Bear in mind that we’ll reach out to you immediately if this is the case.

In the unlikely case that you haven’t heard from us by the end of your selected 5, 7 or 8 business day processing timeframe, feel free to reach out to us for assistance. Otherwise we’re still working on your application.

How Much Does a Malawi Visa Cost?

The Malawi eVisa has a government fee of 50.00 USD. At Byevisa, our processing fees are as follows:

  • Our Standard service costs 25.00 USD and takes 8 business days.
  • Our Rapid service, for 50.00 USD, has a processing time of 7 business days.
  • Our Highly Rapid service has a price of 75.00 USD and takes 5 business days to process.

Byevisa offers flexible and convenient options to suit your needs.

More Malawi Visa Questions and Information

In case you need more information about how to get a visa for this East African nation, we have put together the answers to some frequently asked questions below.

Rest assured that we’re handling your paperwork on your behalf with the Malawi government. At the time of your application, you choose the service speed that works best for you. You can expect to receive your approved travel visa in 8 business days with Standard service, 7 business days with Rapid service, and 5 business days with Highly Rapid service.
An eVisa for Malawi is valid for up to 90 days, starting with its issue date. You must enter the country during the 90-day timeframe, otherwise you’ll need to apply for a new authorisation. Once you arrive, you’re permitted a maximum stay of 30 days.
You may show your eVisa to immigration officials on your smartphone, but we recommend printing a copy in case the digital version can’t be scanned.
First, make sure that when you apply, you double-check that your application matches all the data from your passport to reduce the chances of having your travel pass rejected.

However, Malawi’s immigration department reserves the right to make final decisions on accepting eVisa applications. If your application is rejected, we will send you an email letting you know why. If it’s a matter of your application data not matching your passport details, you can amend your application. If you apply again you’ll need to pay the corresponding fee a second time.
If you hold passports from two countries, it’s important that you choose the same passport to apply that you’ll use to travel to Malawi.

Your travel authorisation will display data from the passport you used in your application, so showing a different passport could lead to border officials denying you entry to the country. You can check whether both your countries require a visa using our checker tool above.
No, the Malawi visa is only valid for a Single Entry. If you plan to leave the country and enter again, you need to apply for multiple visas.
Fortunately, British citizens are eligible for an eVisa for Malawi. With Byevisa, if you’re from the UK you can apply quickly and easily online using a computer or mobile device.
It’s recommended to apply at least a few days in advance. We can get your eVisa to you in a minimum of 5 business days, and Malawi requires you to submit your application at least 5 days before your travel date. To get your document in the shortest time possible, simply choose our Highly Rapid service.
Here we provide an example of a Malawi electronic travel authorisation. Malawi eVisa
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