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An eVisa is required. We can assist in processing this document.

Travel Document Type

eVisa (15 day)

Government Fee

USD 30.00 (to Pay on Arrival)

Byevisa Processing Fee

USD 20.00

Processing Time

1 business day

Travel Document Type

eVisa (30 day)

Government Fee

USD 50.00 (to Pay on Arrival)

Byevisa Processing Fee

USD 20.00

Processing Time

1 business day

Travel Document Type

eVisa (90 day)

Government Fee

USD 125.00 (to Pay on Arrival)

Byevisa Processing Fee

USD 20.00

Processing Time

1 business day

All About the Nepal Visa

Nepal’s government allows almost all tourists who need visas to apply electronically and the process is streamlined to make it as simple as possible. Once your application with Byevisa is approved, you present your confirmation receipt upon arrival to Nepal.

You’re probably wondering if you need a visa to visit this nation of wonders. If you’re from India, you don’t need a visa to visit, but all other countries do. If you’re from the US or the UK, for example, you need a visa for Nepal and the cost depends on your length of stay. Alternatively, if you’re a Chinese national, you need a visa but the government charges you no visa fee.

There are 3 types of travel authorisations for Nepal based on the length of time you want to stay. The 15-day visa costs 30.00 USD, a 30-day stay costs 50.00 USD and a 90-day pass costs 125.00 USD. All visas are valid for Multiple Entry and the corresponding fees are paid upon arrival to the land of 8 of the world’s 10 highest mountain peaks.

When you apply with Byevisa, you save time avoiding long queues at the airport or carrying paperwork to apply in person for a Nepal embassy visa. Completing our application form takes only a few minutes and can be done from anywhere you are in the world.

Difference Between the eVisa and Nepal Visa on Arrival

An eVisa is an electronic travel authorisation you obtain by applying online before you depart for Nepal. This digital document is emailed to you, and you then present it to immigration officials at customs when you arrive. You also pay the fee for this authorisation – either 30.00 USD, 50.00 USD or 125.00 USD depending on your length of stay – at the time of your arrival.

With Byevisa you save time by having your pass ready to go when you land and you can start trekking sooner. It’s simple to show your confirmation – Nepalese officials will ask to see either the printed version or you can show it on your smartphone.

On the other hand, a Visa on Arrival (VoA) is obtained at the Tribhuvan International Airport. Unfortunately, immigration officials warn that this process typically involves long queues, especially during peak season, and complex forms to fill out. Byevisa enables you to bypass this lengthy process and save time.

Nepal Visa Requirements and Eligibility

Most tourists are eligible to apply for a Nepal visa online before arriving. Here we outline the different types of tourist visas and who is eligible.

Nepal travel authorisations are valid for 3 different lengths of stay:

  • The 15-day visa costs 30.00 USD and gives you just enough time to complete a short trek through the Himalayas.
  • The 30-day visa, for a price of 50.00 USD, allows you ample time to do trekking and explore off the beaten path.
  • The 90-day visa costs 125.00 USD and gives you complete flexibility to explore this nation of stunning geographical marvels.

All of these visas are valid for Multiple Entry.

Indian citizens can enter Nepal without a visa for any length of time.

The following groups of people, while still requiring a visa, can obtain one with no government cost, only paying the Byevisa processing fee:

  • Children under 10 years of age, except those that are US citizens.
  • Citizens of Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, for 1 visit per year.
  • Chinese nationals, including citizens of China, Hong Kong and Macau.

You pay a processing fee to Byevisa when you submit your application. Additionally, when you arrive you’ll pay the Nepal visa fee to immigration officials. Different payment methods such as credit cards are accepted, but it’s generally advised to carry cash to pay for your travel pass.

At the time you present your confirmation document and your payment in Nepal, you’ll need to show your original and signed passport that is valid for 6 months after your arrival date.

If you’re coming from a country with risk of yellow fever, you’ll need to present a certificate of vaccination. Check the list of countries requiring a certificate on the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) website.

Lastly, if you’re from one of these countries, you need to apply for a visa from your nearest Nepal consulate. You’re ineligible for the eVisa online.

  • Afghanistan
  • Cameroon
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Iraq
  • Liberia
  • Nigeria
  • Palestine
  • Somalia
  • Swaziland
  • Syria
  • Zimbabwe

Nepal Tourist Visa Application Process

Byevisa is here guide you through the application process. We ask you to fill out a form with travel information and you pay our processing fees with a bank card or with PayPal.

You also need to submit the following documents with your application:

  • A digital copy of your passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date you’ll arrive. Unfortunately, amendment pages added to your passport are not allowed.
  • A digital passport photo with a maximum file size of 2,048KB, with square dimensions. It should only show your head and shoulders.
  • We take care of the details so you don’t have to, and we can have your document ready in 1, 3 or 5 business days.

With the visa you obtain, you need to enter Nepal within 15 days from the date your pass is issued.

Your approved length of stay is counted starting on the date you enter the country. From that date, your travel pass is valid for up to 15, 30 or 90 days.

If you need more time to explore, your authorisation can be extended up to a maximum of 150 days in any given year. You’ll need to do so in person at a local Immigration Office by taking a photocopy of your passport and a photocopy of your original visa.

The fee to extend your visa is 45.00 USD for a minimum of 15 days and 3.00 USD per day for additional days. Be sure to apply for your extension before your current authorisation ends, as any delays could cost you a fine of 5.00 USD per day.

Nepal eVisa Application Form

It’s easy to get started on your visa application for Nepal. All we ask is for information about yourself and your trip. To finalise the process you pay our fee with a credit or debit card. You also have the option to pay with PayPal.

The Nepal eVisa fee costs 30.00 USD, 50.00 USD or 125.00 USD according to your length of visa, 15-day, 30-day or 90-day. Byevisa has 3 convenient service options: Standard, Rapid, and Highly Rapid.

  • Our Standard service costs 20.00 USD and takes 5 business days to process.
  • Rapid service, with a cost of 50.00 USD, gets your authorisation processed in 3 business days.
  • Highly Rapid service costs 80.00 USD and gets your document to you in 1 business day.

Here are the steps to apply for a Nepal eVisa with Byevisa.

1. First, select your nationality and your destination, in this case Nepal.

2. Click ‘Apply Now’ to start your application. On this page you’re asked to provide:

  • Your email address to send your approved document.
  • The dates you’ll enter and exit the country.
  • Your name and your surname.
  • Your gender.
  • The country you’re a citizen of.
  • Your date of birth.
  • The country where you were born.
  • The country where you currently live.
  • Your passport number, its issue date and expiration date. Make sure the expiration date is at least 6 months after the start of your trip.
  • The address where you’ll be staying in Nepal. This address should be verifiable.

3. To finalise and submit your application, fill in your credit or debit card number or click the PayPal button. Once you’ve checked all your information for accuracy and it’s ready to send, click ‘Submit.’

4. Once your application has been approved, you receive your travel pass by email. This is the document you’ll show at customs when you arrive, either the printed hard copy or the digital copy on your smartphone.

Your processing timeline depends on the service level you select when you apply. We have it ready for you in 1, 3 or 5 business days.

Checking the Status of Your Nepal eVisa Application

If you’re wondering about the status of your application, you can by contacting us as follows:

Click ‘Log in’ in our website main menu. On the next page, send a request to our customer support team so we can help you resolve any issues. Please fill in the form with:

  • Your email address.
  • Your order ID.
  • Click ‘Proceed’ to log in and send us a message.

Among other things, you can get in touch to find out:

  • If your visa has been approved.
  • The start date and expiration date of your approved travel pass.
  • If it hasn’t been approved, whether it’s still being processed.
  • If your application has been denied.

When you submit your request, our customer support team will get back to you as fast as we can.

How Much Does a Nepal Visa Cost?

The Nepal government charges 30.00 USD, 50.00 USD or 125.00 USD respectively for 15-day, 30-day or 90-day passes. Your corresponding fee will be paid upon arrival.

With your Byevisa application, you only pay the processing fee. Byevisa saves you time by processing your application so you can concentrate on the fun part of planning your trip.

Our fees are based on the speed of processing, with 3 service levels: Standard service for 20.00 USD, Rapid service costs 50.00 USD and Highly Rapid service has a price of 80.00 USD.

More Nepal Visa Questions and Information

Still have questions about your travel authorisation? Let us answer them for you.

With Byevisa, it takes 5 business days to process your application with our Standard service, 3 business days with our Rapid service, and just 1 business day with Highly Rapid service.
Your travel pass will be valid for 15 days from its approval date. You should enter Nepal during those 15 days or else you’ll have to apply again. Your visa start date becomes effective on the day you enter the country, counting toward your 15-day, 30-day or 90-day limit.

However, if your visa doesn’t give you enough time because you realise there’s so much more to see, Nepal lets you extend your visa by visiting an Immigration Office in person, with a photocopy of your passport and your original visa. This allows you to stay up to 150 days in a year for a fee of 45.00 USD for the first 15 days and 3.00 USD per day after that.
It’s normally a good idea to have a printed copy with you, but you can show either a hard copy or a digital copy at the airport upon arrival.
Hopefully this won’t be the case, but we’re here to help if your application is rejected. We’ll send you an email if your application is denied with the reason why, if we know, so you can amend it.

Applying again requires the processing fee to be paid a second time - so be sure to double-check all your details and supporting documents closely before submitting.
If you hold 2 passports, simply use one to apply - the one that you plan to travel to Nepal with.
Yes, all visas for Nepal allow Multiple Entry. You can come and go as you please, within the time limit of your authorisation of course!
Yes, you do need a travel authorisation to enter Nepal if you’re a British citizen. The only visa-exempt country is India. Fortunately, you can apply online in advance.
It’s quick and easy to get your Nepal travel authorisation. However, you should leave ample time for processing: our minimum processing time is 1 business day.
Here is what a Nepal eVisa looks like. Nepal eVisa Example
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