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USD 132.00

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USD 30.00

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1 business day

All About the Saudi Arabia eVisa

Have you always wanted to visit Saudi Arabia? Now you can. In September 2019, the country flung open the doors to international tourism with its Electronic Visa program for eligible countries. Before this time, the only reasons foreigners were able to enter Saudi Arabia were business, religious pilgrimage or to visit family members.

This travel pass is valid for multiple entries for 12 months, and you can stay for up to 90 days in total. You can visit for tourism, or use this document as your Umrah visa.

Byevisa makes getting your Saudi Arabia tourist visa simple and fast. You can receive your official travel authorisation in your email inbox in as little as 1 business day, and applying takes just a few minutes. This frees up time for you to plan your trip to the spectacular turquoise waters surrounding the 104 islands of Umluj or the dramatic Edge of the World.

Here you can learn all about the Saudi Arabia eVisa requirements and restrictions, how long you can stay and how to apply. We cover both the basics and the fine print you need to keep in mind.

What Is the Difference Between a Saudi Arabia e-Visa vs a Visa On Arrival (VoA)?

With Byevisa, you can get an e-Visa online before you go. This saves you time and stress during your trip because you’ll already have your authorisation to enter the country. You can use it at any airport or seaport.

In comparison, there are 6 ports of entry where it is possible for citizens of eligible countries to get a Visa on Arrival. That means that when you arrive in the country, you’ll have to stand in long, slow-moving lines to fill out paperwork and pay for your visa.

When you’re travelling abroad, it’s a good idea to get all of your official paperwork out of the way beforehand. That way, when you arrive you can speed through the immigration process and get out to start enjoying your destination.

Saudi Arabia Visit Visa Requirements and Eligibility

Almost all foreign visitors need authorisation to enter the country, except for nationals of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and the United Arab Emirates, who are visa-exempt.

You can easily check your eligibility using our visa checker tool here:

Here is a list of the countries whose citizens are eligible for the eVisa:

China (including Hong Kong and Macau)
Czech Republic


New Zealand
San Marino
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States

If your country is not listed above, you are not eligible for an online visa. Contact your nearest embassy to learn what your options are.

Saudi Arabia Visa Requirements and Conditions:

  • Your passport must be from one of the eligible countries above and must be valid at least 6 months after your intended date of arrival.
  • You must be travelling for tourist purposes or for Umrah. You are not permitted to work: this is not a business visa for Saudi Arabia.
  • Non-Muslim visitors are not permitted to visit the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.
  • Muslim visitors are permitted to travel for Umrah using this eVisa, but only outside of Hajj season.
  • You must be able to support yourself financially during your visit.
  • You must carry a paper copy of your eVisa when you enter the country.
  • Keep in mind that you are subject to local laws during your visit. Among other things, this means you are not permitted to buy, sell or consume alcohol.
  • Please be aware that there are 19 offences related to public decency that are punishable by fines. Among other things, the following are prohibited: public displays of affection, littering, spitting, playing music at prayer time, taking photographs of people without their permission, immodest dress (women must cover shoulders and knees).

Saudi Arabia Visa Application Process

Wondering how to get your visa for Saudi Arabia? We’ll break it down for you:

  1. Make sure your passport is from an eligible country and valid for at least 6 months after your intended date of arrival.
  2. Fill out the Byevisa form online with your personal details, passport information, and basic travel data, such as what day you’ll be arriving in the country.
  3. Choose your desired processing speed, depending on how quickly you want to get your visa. With our Highly Rapid service, you can receive your travel document in 1 business day.
  4. Select a payment method. Byevisa accepts credit card, debit card or PayPal.
  5. Submit your application. You will receive an email confirming that it has been submitted properly.
  6. Enjoy your free time as Byevisa takes care of processing your travel authorisation.
  7. Check your email inbox after your processing time has passed to find a message from Byevisa with your Electronic Visa.
  8. Print out the document and take it with you to the airport. You’ll also need your passport.
  9. Present the printed copy of your eVisa when you arrive. Your document is valid for entry at all airports and seaports.

Your authorisation is valid for 12 months. You are able to visit the country as many times as you would like in that time period, but can only stay in the country for a total of 90 days during the validity period.

Saudi Arabia eVisa Application Form and Documents

The Byevisa form is completely online. It’s easy to complete and should only take you a few minutes. Here we let you know what is on the form so you know what to expect.

You must provide the following information:

  • Your personal details:
    • Last name.
    • Given name.
    • Gender.
    • Date of birth.
    • Country of birth.
    • Country of residence.
    • Email address.
  • Your passport details:
    • Nationality.
    • Passport number.
    • Issue date.
    • Expiration date.
    • Passport issuing country.
  • Your travel details:
    • Intended date of arrival to Saudi Arabia.
    • Intended departure date.
    • Address of your accommodation (reservation not required).
  • Your desired processing speed.
    • Choose 1 of the following:
      • Standard service (5 business days).
      • Rapid service (3 business days).
      • Highly Rapid service (1 business day).
  • Your payment method (choose 1).
    • Debit or credit card.
      • Name on card.
      • Card number.
      • Expiration date: month and year.
      • 3-digit security code found on the back of the card.
    • PayPal account.

It’s that simple! You do not need to upload any documents, photos or digital signatures. Just fill out the form, submit your application and you’re done. Byevisa will send you a confirmation email so you can rest easy knowing that your travel paperwork is being taken care of.

As Byevisa does the busy work of processing your authorisation, you can spend your free time planning to see the expansive Al Wahbah volcanic crater or the ancient city of Mada’in Saleh, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Then you receive your travel authorisation in your email inbox. Don’t forget to print it out before you go.

Saudi Arabia Visa Status Check

After you submit your application, you receive an email from Byevisa confirming that processing is underway.

Remember, we send your travel authorisation directly to your email inbox when it’s ready. You know when you’ll hear from us depending on the processing speed you selected when you applied. So you just need to keep an eye on your inbox.

However, if you have not received an email after the processing time has passed, or if you need to contact us because you’ve made a mistake during the application, please contact us to check on your visa status. Select the ‘Log in’ option from the top of this page and send us your visa query.

How Much is a Visa for Saudi Arabia?

Your visa fees include the cost of the Electronic Visa itself plus the amount Byevisa charges for processing your travel document for you.

The cost of the tourist visa itself (before processing) is 132.00 USD.

The processing costs depend on how quickly you need your authorisation. Here are the 3 options:

  • Standard service: Receive your travel pass in 5 business days for 30.00 USD.
  • Rapid service: Get it in 3 business days for 55.00 USD.
  • Highly Rapid service: Get it in 1 business day for 80.00 USD.

For example, if you choose the Standard service, you will be charged a total amount of 162.00 USD for your Saudi Arabia visa fees.

More Saudi Arabia Visa Questions and Information

Have you still got some unanswered questions knocking around in your head? Look through our FAQ section to find out more before your trip.

That depends on the processing speed you select at the time of application. If you need it quickly, you can get your travel pass in 1 business day by selecting our Highly Rapid service.
If you are passing through the country on your way to somewhere else, you may need a transit visa if your layover lasts longer than 12 hours. Confirm with your airline.
Yes, you do. When you receive the email from Byevisa with your electronic travel pass attached, just open the PDF and click File>Print. Take the paper copy with you to the airport. You may be asked to present it when you arrive. If you misplace your printed copy, don’t worry. You can print out a new one from your email.
The fastest you can get your travel document with Byevisa is 1 business day. Just select the Highly Rapid service when you fill out the form.
You cannot renew or extend this type of visa. If your travel authorisation expires before your trip, you’ll need to apply for a new one. You can do so online with Byevisa.
Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after your date of arrival. If your passport is set to expire before that time, you will need to get a new passport before you travel. If you have a valid eVisa in your expired passport, it will be accepted as long as you bring it along with a valid passport of the same nationality.
If you have 2 passports, choose the one you would like to travel with and fill out the application form. Make sure to travel using the same passport that is linked to your authorisation. However, this does not apply to Saudi nationals, who are required by law to enter and leave the country using a Saudi travel document.
Yes, you can use this travel document as your Umrah visa if you're visiting Mecca. However, if you're going on Hajj you need a different visa.
The tourist eVisa allows for multiple entries. With this, you can visit the country as many times as you like during the 12-month validity period. Just remember that you can only visit for a total of 90 days.
Among other things, the government website lists the countries that are eligible to apply for an eVisa. You can also use our country checker here.
The validity lasts for 12 months, but you can only stay in the country for a total of 3 months. That time can be split into one trip or multiple trips.
No, that is not possible. If you’re looking for a low budget option, choose our Standard service for a cost of 30.00 USD. You receive your travel pass in 5 business days.
In very rare cases, your application may be rejected. If this happens, Byevisa will contact you via email to let you know what your options are.
Here’s an example of the document you receive in your email inbox. Saudi Arabia eVisa Example
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