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Colombia Visa From Canada

Colombia Visa from Canada

If you are planning to travel to Colombia from Canada, then you must want to find out whether you need a visa as well as any other requirements that you need to adhere to. Byevisa is here to make that discovery as simple as possible with the most up-to-date and accurate information ready for you.

Take a moment to ready about the Canada to Colombia visa and also learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Planning your trip has never been easier.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Colombia From Canada?

The great news is that you do not need a visa for Colombia from Canada, meaning that you can visit this destination for up to 90 days without the need for any application processes or paperwork.

However, despite not needing a Colombia tourist visa for Canadian citizens, you must adhere to the entry requirements listed below to be given permission to pass through border control.

Colombia Visa Requirements for Canadian Citizens

When you arrive in the country, you need to adhere to these specific entry requirements to be able to pass through border control:

  • Your passport must have 6 months’ validity or more from the date you leave the country.
  • If you enter the country by land, you need 1 blank page for an entry stamp and must ensure that your passport is stamped at the border entry point you came from. You may be fined if you do not have one.
  • You must have proof of onward travel to show.

In addition to these requirements, you may also be searched and x-rayed on entry in a bid to reduce drug smuggling. You may also be required to have your fingerprints taken.

Once you have visited the immigration desk, the official gives you your entry stamp that stipulates how long you are permitted to stay in the country. Check this stamp covers your entire trip before you leave the desk so that you do not face difficulties when trying to leave.

How Much Is the Colombia Visa From Canada?

As you do not need a travel visa to enter this country, there is no fee to be paid. The Colombia reciprocity fee for Canada has also been reversed, and so you do not need to pay to enter the country at all. The money you save on this can be used to enjoy your vacation even more!

Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to understand the entry requirements of the country you are visiting, but it is also important to have all your other questions answered too! We have taken the most frequently asked questions and answered them below so that you can look forward to your trip without any worries.

How to Call Colombia From Canada

Calling Colombia from Canada is not difficult at all and means that you can easily contact the hotels you are staying in or book excursions to make your trip even more exciting. Follow these steps to make your call:

  • Dial 011 followed by 57 then the phone number of the place you are calling.
  • 011 is the international exit code for Canada.
  • 57 is the country code for Colombia.

Remember that international calls can take slightly longer to connect, so you may need to wait to get through.

How Good Are Healthcare Facilities in Colombia?

Most medical care is sufficient in major towns and cities, but it can vary in more rural locations. You should always have travel medical insurance to cover the cost of any care you need and must take a copy of your insurance form to prove it is valid when you are admitted.

Some facilities require payment in full before treatment is given, and so you need to have enough funds to cover this payment. If you need more intensive treatment, then it is wise to make sure your insurance covers the cost of evacuation so that you can be transported home for further treatment should you need to be.

What Is the Currency in This Country?

The national currency is the Colombian peso, and you can typically exchange your money for pesos at banks. You can also use ATMs to withdraw money, but these are not widely available in more rural areas.

Can I Drive When I Am on Vacation?

Yes, if you wish to hire a car and travel around, you can do this as long as you have an international driving permit. This permit works to prove that you have undertaken all the required tests needed to be classed as a competent driver.

If you are part of any car accidents, you must stay at the scene and contact the police for support. Do not move the vehicle until you are told to by the police at the scene. This allows everything to be processed properly so that there are no future ramifications for you.

What Do I Need to Know About This Country?

Colombia is an incredible place to visit, and you are sure to be welcomed when you arrive. Here are some facts about the country to help you to understand it even more:

  • ¾ of the population is Catholic.
  • The main language spoken is Spanish.
  • There are nearly 50 million people living in this country.
  • When you greet people, you should kiss women on the right cheek and shake hands with men.
  • You should show respect to older people by calling them Don or Doña at the start of their name.
  • If you invite people out to eat, the custom is that you pay. Likewise, if you are invited out to eat, your host typically pays.

Find Out More About Colombia

If you want to find out more about this destination, then you simply need to click here to be taken to the main country page. You can find a wealth of information to support your planning, and you should feel more confident about your trip once you have read everything on offer. If you are from a nation that does require travel authorisation to visit this country, head over to our page dedicated to the Colombia tourist visa.

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