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Israel Visa for Indians

Israel Visa for Indians

Sorting out how you can enter Israel in the fastest and easiest way is essential if you want to make the most of your holiday. Failure to sort this out in time can end up resulting in you being refused entry and missing out on your trip. Whilst airport officials will do all they can to help you through the process, it is imperative that you have all the required information with you to hand.

The process that is required when it comes to entering Israel is for you to obtain a visa when you arrive in Israel at the airport or seaport. Here we take you through everything you need to know to get this done in the most simple way.

If you are planning your travel now, you need to factor in the time to arrange all the appropriate documentation and get your travel paperwork prepared so you can take it with you on your trip. The good news is that you are not alone in this and can use the information Byevisa provides to get yourself fully organised before you set off.

Israel Tourist Visa For Indians Requirements

If you are asking ‘do Indians need a visa for Israel’ you will find that they do. The Israeli visitor visa allows you to visit the country for up to 3 months if you are there for tourist purposes, a business meeting or to study on an intensive Hebrew course in an ulpan.

To get this travel pass organised and ready for your trip, you can apply for a Visa on Arrival as long as you have the following information as stipulated by the Israeli government:

  • A passport that has validity for your entire stay and 6 months after your departure.
  • A completed and signed application.
  • A copy of your passport.
  • Evidence that you can afford the stay (bank statements will suffice).
  • Proof of your travel bookings.
  • Two passport photos (5.5cmx5.5cm).

Israel Visa Fees for Indians

If you need to know how much the Israel visa for Indians costs, then you will be pleased to know it will only cost a total of 3030 Indian Rupees. You need to supply this fee when you get to the VoA desk along with all your paperwork, in order to receive the travel document that allows you entry to Israel for the entirety of your trip.

Can Indians Get an e-Visa for Israel?

Many people contact us to ask if they can get an eVisa for their trip to Israel. Unfortunately, an Electronic Visa for Indians travelling isn’t available, nor for the citizens of any other country, at the time of writing.

The reason this is not currently possible is because the Israeli Government has not adopted an electronic system for these applications. Until they do, you need to apply for a VoA instead.

However, keep checking back on the Byevisa site for any updates. As soon as the rules change, we will ensure that we offer you this useful service so that you can prepare with less stress than ever before.

Common Queries for Israel Visas for Indians

When it comes to arranging travel, many people find they have a lot of questions that need answering so that they can feel confident about their trip. We have taken the most popular questions and worked to answer them for you below to save you spending hours searching for them online.

How Soon Should I Apply for My Visa?

When it comes to applying for your visa, you need to wait until you land to go through the application process. However, it makes good sense to prepare all your paperwork well in advance of your trip, so that you can get hold of anything you need long before the date you travel.

Do Indians Need a Visa for Israel if They Are in Transit?

In short, no, they don’t. As airports are governed by international law, if you are not planning on leaving the airport, you do not need to purchase a visa. So you can relax and wait for your onward journey in the terminal lounge.

If, however, you want to leave the airport for any time at all, to explore famed cities like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, you must get a visa to be able to do so.

Does Everyone in My Party Need a Visa?

Yes, everyone in your party must have a visa. This requirement covers people of all ages and so you need to purchase one for any children or other dependents that you are taking with you. You can complete all the applications in one go at the desk, so it’s worth queuing as a group rather than thinking you need to speak to the officials one by one.

How Safe Is Israel for Indians?

As with any travel abroad, Israel is safe if you take sensible precautions. For example, you just need to avoid going out alone after dark and making sure that you know where you are at all times. Israeli people are very friendly and will do their utmost to help you enjoy your stay, so you can relax in this respect.

What is the Most Convenient Way to Travel?

The quickest way to travel is by flying, where you can expect it to take around 11 hours if you fly from New Delhi or 15 hours if you travel from Mumbai. These flights will land in Tel Aviv-Yafo so that you arrive in the heart of the action.

More Details About the Israeli Travel Visa

We hope that you have found our information useful and that it has answered all the questions you may have about obtaining your visa to travel to Israel. For further information, please take a moment to read our Israel Visa on Arrival and visit Israel pages, where you can find further guidance on travel to this country and information on how to apply.

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