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Visa for Japan From the UK

Japan Visa for UK Citizens

Travelling from the UK to Japan is an exciting prospect. Are you looking forward to seeing the cherry blossoms in season or climbing Mount Fuji? This country has so much to offer, and UK citizens have been visiting ‘the land of the rising sun’ for many years. Japan is welcoming to tourists and the good news is you don’t typically have to get a visa for short term travel in this country.

In most cases, you don’t need a visa for Japan if you are coming from the UK. If you are staying for 6 months or less, you can enter the country without any form of visa.

Japan Visa for UK Residents

If you are a UK citizen visiting Japan you do not need to apply for a tourist visa as long as you have a valid passport that is in date for the entirety of your stay. In addition, the government does not require your passport to be valid for an extended period after the date you leave the country.

The maximum stay you can be issued with is 90 days. If you want to extend your trip, you must visit the Japanese immigration offices before the original period of stay expires and apply for an extension of up to 90 more days. This application can be undertaken at an Immigration Bureau and will cost you 37.00 USD.

Tourist Visa Requirements for Japan From the UK

When you arrive, you are given leave to stay in the country for either 15, 30 or 90 days, depending on the information you share with officials after you land.

Even though you do not need a visa, it is recommended that you produce your travel documents, evidence of funds to cover your trip and information on your host (if you have one). This allows the immigration officials to check the validity of your stay and grant you access to the country.

How Much Is a Visa to Japan From the UK?

As there is no visa for Japan for UK citizens, you will not need to pay any fees in advance or on arrival. If you decide to extend your trip beyond 90 days, there will be a cost incurred to apply for this extension.

Are There Really No Visa Requirements for Japan for UK Citizens?

If you are a UK citizen travelling to Japan as a tourist, then you do not have to apply for a visa. However, if you wish to visit Japan for any other purpose, then you need to apply for authorisation and provide the required documents to be allowed entry. These visit purposes include coming to study or relocating for work.

Working Holiday for UK Citizens

Many people are keen to enjoy a working holiday in this country, where the main reason for travelling is for a holiday but where incidental work takes place. If you want to enjoy a working holiday in Japan, then you can apply for a visa that allows you to stay there for up to 1 year. However, there are only limited numbers of these visas available to foreign nationals wishing to go on a working holiday.

When you apply for this scheme, you are allowed to work to earn enough to fund some of your travels but should not use this method for trying to find full-time work in the country.

Questions About the Visa for Japan – UK Passport Holders

Organising travel to new countries is exciting but can raise many questions that you want quick answers to. We have collated some of the most frequently asked questions to help you find the information you require.

Do UK Citizens Need a Visa for Medical Treatment?

If you plan to travel on medical grounds to get treatment in Japan, then you must apply for a visa for medical stay which gives you, and the person caring for you, permission to visit the country. You need to have the medical plans in place and be able to produce this paperwork along with your travel documentation and passport.

If your treatment takes longer than 90 days, you need to get a Certificate of Eligibility from a medical professional at the place you are to receive treatment from. This certificate is authorised by the Immigration Bureau, and this ensures that you can legally remain in the country for the duration of the treatment.

Do I Need a Transit Visa for Japan?

If you are flying to a different destination, but your flight stops in Japan, then you may be wondering if you need to get a transit visa. As you can enter the country as a tourist without a visa, you do not need to get one for transit stops either.

Can I Renew My Tourist Visa?

Many people want to spend more than the permitted 90 days in Japan as they are touring the country and want to see as much as possible during their trip. The good news is that you can apply for a further 90 days, extending your stay to allow you to experience more of the country.

This does incur a small fee of 37.00 USD and applications need to be made at an Immigration Bureau where you need to explain your reason for wanting to stay for longer.

Is There a Specific Amount of Money I Need to Enter the Country?

There is no specific amount of funding needed to enter the country, but you may be asked to prove that you have enough to cover the cost of your trip.

In addition to funding, it is important to note that Japan is a cash-based society and so you may struggle to use your credit and debit cards in lots of places. It is wise to ensure you have enough cash to cover your expenses and discuss your travel plans with your bank to get advice on how to withdraw money when you need it.

Full Information for UK Nationals Travelling to Japan

You should now have all the information you need to travel to Japan as a UK citizen. However, if you need further information about the Japan visa, then click here to find out more. Alternatively, click here for more useful information about visiting Japan ahead of your trip.

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