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Peru Visa for Australians

Peru Visa for Australians

When it comes to arranging a visa for Peru from Australia, you may need to access advice and support to ascertain exactly what you need to do regarding applications, requirements and fees. To save you from having to trawl through lots of sources, we have compiled all the current advice on how to go about it so that you are fully informed and ready to travel.

Read our guide and get the answers to all your travel questions as well as finding out important information about the Peru visa for Australian citizens that you may not have considered before.

Do I Need a Visa for Peru From Australia?

If you are trying to find out do Australian citizens need a visa for Peru, then you will be pleased to know that you do not need a visa to enter the country for tourism if your stay is due to be less than 183 days in total. You simply need to ensure that you meet the entry requirements and can then enjoy a stress-free holiday.

Peru Visa Requirements for Australian Citizens

When you arrive, there are some Peru visa requirements for Australian citizens that you need to adhere to in order to pass through immigration. The current requirements are as follows:

  • You must have a passport that is valid for the length of your stay.
  • You must provide proof of onward travel.
  • Your passport needs at least 1 blank page for the entry and exit stamps.

Byevisa advises that you should have the required documentation in your hand luggage so that it is easy to access when you land, allowing you to pass quickly through immigration and get your trip off to a good start.

How Much Does a Visa for Peru for Australian Citizens Cost?

As there is no requirement to obtain a visa to Peru for Australian citizens, there is also no cost attached. This means that you are not required to pay any fees in advance of your stay, and you are not expected to pay for anything when you arrive in the country either.

How Do I Obtain A Working Holiday Australia to Peru Visa?

If you are between 18 and 30 years of age, you can opt to apply for a Peru working holiday visa. Australia makes over 1500 applications for this scheme each year. It allows young people to stay in the country for up to 1 full year for tourism purposes but also allows them to work at the same time to fund their trip.

To apply for the Peru working holiday visa, Australia applicants need to complete the following details on the application form:

  • Your full name and date of birth.
  • Your marital status.
  • Your gender.
  • Your place of birth, current country of residence and your nationality.
  • Full address, telephone number and email address.
  • A colour passport photo and fingerprint of your right index finger.
  • You also need to supply a colour copy of your passport data page and a copy of your birth certificate with your application.

In addition, the working tourist visa comes with a fee of 80 USD and the following requirements:

  • You must speak Spanish at a functional level.
  • You must show a bank statement that proves you have at least 2500 USD for your holiday expenses and 1800 USD for your airfare (or you can show your purchased tickets in lieu of this).
  • You are required to have at least 2 years of university studies or technical training studies completed.
  • You cannot travel with dependent children to take part in this scheme.

Your Travel Questions Answered

You should now have a good understanding of the Peru tourist visa for Australians. However, we know that when it comes to travelling, you need to get the answers to a wide range of questions! To help, we have answered the most commonly asked questions below so that you do not need to stress about your upcoming trip.

How Good is Medical Care in This Country?

If you need straightforward medical care in a city, then you should have no problem accessing it as long as you have travel insurance to cover medical expenses or enough money to pay for yourself. The healthcare in these areas is adequate and should be able to help you with any common ailments.

However, in more remote areas, healthcare is more limited, and you may need to be evacuated out of the country to get the care you need in an emergency. Before you travel, you should check your insurance policy to make sure you are covered for all eventualities.

Are There Any Restrictions on How Much Cash I Can Take With Me?

Yes, if you are taking currency that is valued at more than 10,000 USD, then you need to declare this on arrival. Remember that this rule applies to all forms of currency and not just cash.

The local currency in Peru is the Peruvian Nuevo Sol (New Sun), and you can find many ATMs that you can withdraw money from as well as credit cards being a widely accepted payment method.

How Long Does the Flight Take From Australia to Peru?

The average flight time if you are travelling from Sydney to Lima is just over 18 hours in total. However, as there are so few direct flights, you need to factor in a stopover time.

Contact the airline you are using before you travel to get an up-to-date estimate for your total travel time and make sure you pack items in your hand luggage that you can use to freshen up when you land at your layover point.

More Information for Tourists to Peru

If you want more facts about travelling to Peru then do not worry, we have a dedicated page with even more information for you to access. Click here to be taken to our visit Peru page and find out even more about the land of the Incas ahead of your upcoming trip.

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