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Philippines Visa for Indians

Philippines Visa for Indian Citizens

The Philippines is a wonderful destination for tourists to discover, with gorgeous beach resorts and the stunning capital Manila to visit. If you’re an Indian citizen coming here on vacation, you’ll need to ensure you’ve sorted out the right type of travel authorisation. Otherwise, you may be denied entry.

Some Indian citizens are not required to get a tourist visa beforehand to enter the country, although there are certain criteria that must be met. Others need to make an application in advance for the appropriate travel authorisation to ensure that there are no problems on arrival.

Do Indians Need a Visa for the Philippines?

Byevisa specialises in offering eVisas that speed up the process of making an application for travel authorisations online. Unfortunately, there is no eVisa available for Filipino travel for Indians.

In all cases, Indian citizens are required to apply for a visa either before or when entering the Philippines. However, there are different requirements depending on the type of travel authorisation you require.

Indian nationals who hold a valid residence permit or visa from Japan, the USA, Australia, Schengen countries, Singapore, the UK or Canada can obtain a 14-day tourist visa on arrival. This saves you the time and effort of making the application in advance.

Indians who don’t have one of these permits but who are visiting for tourism purposes do need to apply for a standard tourist travel authorisation from the Filipino authorities in advance before travelling to the country.

What is the Philippines Visa Cost for Indians?

If you are entering the country as an Indian citizen for vacation purposes, you need to know how much the Philippines visa fees for Indians are. A Single-Entry tourist travel authorisation for Indians costs 42.25 USD. This document is valid for up to 3 months for a visit of up to 30 days maximum.

Philippines Tourist Visa for Indians Requirements

When applying for your Filipino tourist visa you need the following items:

  • A passport with 6 months’ validity remaining on the date of entry into the country.
  • A recent passport photo.
  • Confirmed evidence of your return travel and your accommodation during your stay.
  • Bank statements for 6 months to prove your income.

Is There a Visa on Arrival for Indians in the Philippines?

For most Indian citizens, there is no possibility of obtaining your travel authorisation when you arrive at your destination. However, it is possible to do so for any Indians who have a valid residence permit or visa for Japan, the USA, Australia, Schengen countries, Singapore, the UK or Canada.

Since the Visa on Arrival will only be valid for 14 days, it may not be suitable for every traveller. All other applicants need to make their application in advance before travelling or they will not be permitted entry to the country.

Can the Philippines Tourist Visa for Indians be Extended?

The 14-day tourist visa that is available for Indian citizens in possession of Japanese, American, Singaporean, British, Canadian or Schengen permits cannot be extended. It is possible, though, to extend the regular tourist visa which lasts for 30 days.

It can be extended for a further 30 days (a total of 60 days) when you are in the country if you visit the Bureau of Immigration. You must explain why you require your authorisation to be extended and there is no guarantee that your request will be granted. If it isn’t, you’ll be required to leave the country after the initial 30-day period expires.

More Philippines Tourist Visa for Indians Information

We hope we’ve told you everything you need to know about travel authorisations for the Philippines as an Indian. However, to ensure you have all the details you need, we’ve also answered a number of FAQs here.

Is the Indian Rupee Accepted in the Philippines?

No, you cannot use the Indian rupee as currency in the Philippines. You will need to use the Philippine peso to pay for all your purchases. Remember to have some cash on hand as many small vendors will not accept card payments.

What are the Photo Requirements for the Filipino Visa?

You need to supply a passport photo that has been taken in the past 3 months along with your application. This photo must measure 35 mm x 50 mm and must be in full colour with a solid grey or white background. It must have 80% face coverage and you must have a neutral expression. Only prescription, thin-framed glasses are permitted to be worn and headgear can only be worn for religious purposes.

Do Indians Need a Visa for the Philippines If They Are in Transit?

If you’re travelling via the Philippines en route to a final destination and will be in the airport for a layover, you don’t need to obtain any kind of transit document as an Indian citizen.

You have a 24-hour grace period during which you can remain in the country without having to apply for a travel authorisation. You need to remain inside the airport and cannot transfer between different terminals in order to meet the required criteria.

When Should I Apply for My Filipino Visa?

Unless you are planning to apply for the 14-day tourist visa at the airport on your arrival, you need to ensure that you have made your application suitably early to ensure you receive it before your departure on vacation.

It could take several days to process and issue your travel document, so you should apply around 2 weeks before you are due to leave. Remember that the authorisation will be valid for up to 3 months, so you can arrange it a little earlier and still have no difficulties.

Helpful Information About Travel to the Philippines

Hopefully, you now have everything you require to help you apply for a Filipino travel authorisation as an Indian citizen. However, should you require anything further, just visit our page about visiting the Philippines to get more useful guidance.

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