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Singapore Visa From Canada

Singapore Visa for Canadians

Wondering whether you need to have a visa for Singapore from Canada for your upcoming holiday? Singapore is a stunning tourist destination, with so much to do between shopping in Orchard Road, viewing all the sights from Marina Bay Sands observation deck, and viewing natural beauty at Pulau Ubin.

However, you may find yourself missing out on all of Singapore’s wonders if you don’t have the correct paperwork. Fortunately, Byevisa is here for all your travel authorisation needs, so continue reading for all the information.

Do Canadian Citizens Need a Visa to Visit Singapore?

The good news for Canadian tourists looking for a visa to Singapore from Canada is that you do not need one! If you are a tourist visiting from Canada and hold a valid Canadian passport, you do not need travel authorisation.

An important document you do need, however, is an Electronic Arrival Card. This may be something you are unaware of, but luckily Byevisa is on hand to help you get one in time for your trip.

What Does a Singapore Visa From Canada Cost?

As you do not need any travel authorisation documents to enter Singapore from Canada for tourist purposes, they do not have a cost. Your required Electronic Arrival Card from Byevisa costs as little as 20 USD for our processing fee.

How to Apply for a Singapore Visa From Canada

As an authority on eVisas, Byevisa can help take the stress out of applying for entry into your holiday destination. We can help you to obtain the essential Electronic Arrival Card before you travel thanks to our convenient online service.

With Byevisa you simply fill out the online form, pay the fee and your card will be sent directly to your email ready for you to print.

What Are the Singapore Visa Requirements for Canadian Citizens?

Although you do not need a visa, travel to this destination has other requirements that you must meet before you enter the country. In order to travel there you need:

  • A valid passport (with a minimum of 6 months remaining).
  • Confirmed onward or return tickets.
  • Proof of sufficient funds to sustain your stay.
  • An Electronic Arrival Card.

You can obtain your Electronic Arrival Card quickly and simply with Byevisa.

What Is the Validity Period of a Singapore Travel Visa From Canada?

You do not need visas to travel into the country if you are a Canadian citizen. The period you may enter the country and stay for is up to 30 days.

More Answers About the Canada to Singapore Visa

Now that you have read all this information about travel authorisations for your upcoming trip, you should feel ready to begin the processes to get ready for travel. However, sometimes there are lingering questions you still need clarifying. If this is the case, please read on for further information.

How Long is the Canada Visa for Singapore Processing Time?

Byevisa offers a service with 3 different speeds, giving you a waiting time of 24 hours, 4 hours or just 30 minutes when it comes to processing your Singapore Arrival Card.

This means you can easily choose the right speed to suit your requirements and ensure you have your paperwork ready for your trip before you set off.

Is It Safe to Visit Singapore as a Canadian Tourist?

Singapore is considered a very safe and clean place. Locals are helpful and friendly, and crime is reportedly very minimal. However, you should always heed conventional travel advice, especially when in crowded or largely tourist populated areas.

Be sure to be vigilant of pickpockets, be wary when withdrawing money from ATM machines, and do not stray from tour groups or go to places unknown on your own. Being cautious of these things, wherever you travel, will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

How Many Canadians Live in Singapore?

Singapore is a multicultural nation with people living there from all over the world. It may interest you to know as a Canadian citizen that there are currently around 5,000 Canadians who have made this beautiful country their permanent home, living and working here all year round. Many more come to the country as tourists to experience its attractions and sights.

Is There a Singapore Visa for an Indian in Canada?

If you are an Indian citizen holding an Indian passport living in Canada you may be wondering whether there are any additional requirements when it comes to obtaining a valid travel authorisation before setting off on your Singaporean holiday.

Luckily, the good news is that Indian citizens who live in Canada don’t need any other documentation except the Arrival Card that Canadian citizens must have in their possession before setting off on their trip.

Byevisa can help Indian citizens living in Canada to obtain their Arrival Card before jetting off thanks to our convenient online application process. Simply enter your details, choose the speed at which you need to receive your document and then pay the fee. Your document is then emailed to you.

When Should I Apply for My Singapore Arrival Card?

It is possible to make your application for your arrival card before you set off on your Singaporean holiday. It is recommended that you do this within 3 days of your departure to ensure that you have all of your necessary paperwork in order and in your possession for your peace of mind.

More Details About the Singapore Visa

Everything you have read here should have given you plenty of information about this travel authorisation for your upcoming trip. But, should you feel that there is still more information you require, please check out our page about the SG Arrival Card and our visit Singapore page here, as these will supply you with further details.

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