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Tanzania Visa From Canada

Tanzania Visa for Canadians

Do you have an upcoming trip planned as a Canadian citizen, and are puzzled as to whether you need a visa for Tanzania from Canada? A vibrant and culturally-rich tourist destination, Tanzania can offer beautiful landscapes and stunning wildlife. But you could miss out on these experiences if you have not applied for the necessary travel authorisations.

Byevisa is an expert in online visa applications and can make sure you have your documents quickly. Read on to find all the information you need for your trip.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Tanzania From Canada?

Yes, in order to enter the country you require a travel authorisation as a Canadian passport holder. The good news is that when you apply online, Byevisa is on hand to make the application process speedy and simple.

How Much Is a Tanzania Tourist Visa From Canada?

The cost of a travel authorisation for tourist purposes is 50 USD. This is in addition to a processing fee to Byevisa for organising the paperwork for you.

How Do I Complete a Tanzania Visa Application From Canada?

Filling out an eVisa application has never been simpler than with Byevisa. All that is needed is for you to fill in your personal information and upload the required documentation.

You then select the speed at which you need to receive your paperwork, pay the required fee and your documents are then sent to your chosen email, ready to be printed and taken with you.

Once you have arrived at your destination, show your printed document and valid passport and immigration staff can let you in the country legally.

What Are the Tanzania Visa Requirements for Canadian Citizens?

Before you can receive your eVisa, you must adhere to the necessary requirements during the application process. You need:

  • A valid passport (with 6 months’ validity remaining).
  • Filled-in declaration form.
  • Filled-in visa application.
  • 2 passport-sized photographs.

What Is the Validity Period of the Tanzania Tourist Visa in Canada?

Your tourist visa is valid for a period of up to 90 days. You can enter the country for a period of time not exceeding 90 days.

Is There a Tanzania Visa on Arrival From Canada?

As a Canadian citizen you must obtain a visa to enter the country. At the main ports of entry, you are able to obtain Visas on Arrival. However, this process is time-consuming since it involves queuing at the airport when you land.

Therefore, it is advised that you obtain your tourist authorisation before you travel to save you time at the border. You can then get on with enjoying your trip and can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing all your documents are in order before you go.

Tanzania Travel Visa in Canada FAQs

Hopefully, you now feel ready to begin your application process with Byevisa, and start getting ready for all you need for your upcoming trip. Of course, sometimes, you need more information before you’re ready to begin applying. If this is the case, please continue reading to find out more.

How Long Does a Tanzania Visa for Canadian Citizens Take to Process?

Byevisa offers you 3 different processing speeds to suit your individual needs and send the documents right to your email.

When you obtain your Single Entry tourist travel authorisation via Byevisa’s site, you can expect your document to be processed within a period of 9 working days if you select the Standard speed. For faster delivery, see the Rapid and Highly Rapid options.

What Are the Tanzania Visa Photo Requirements for Canadian Citizens?

For your application, you need to upload 2 passport-size photographs. This means a photograph of approximately 5 x 7 cm, of your face facing frontward with nothing obscuring it (such as glasses or hair). The picture should be in colour and on a blank light-coloured background.

How Long is the Flight From Canada to Tanzania?

As there are no direct flights from Canada to Tanzania, the time you spend travelling can vary depending on how long any layover is. Currently, the average flight time is around 16 and a half hours and you will generally need to add on any layover time to that number to get an idea of how long your journey will take.

How to Call Tanzania From Canada

You may feel you wish to contact your hotel or tour guide in Tanzania itself. If so, you need to know how to call Tanzania from Canada. You can follow these simple steps:

  • Type the exit code – 011.
  • Type the country code – 255.
  • Type the Area Code and Number – 255 75x xxx xxx.

For example, a full number would be 011 255 75X XXX XXX. Make sure to check with your telephone provider for any charges that may apply when calling abroad.

Do I Need to Print My Travel Authorisation in Colour?

Your travel documents do not necessarily need to be printed in colour. Printing documents is necessary in order for them to be scanned at the border, as the technology may not be capable of scanning items digitally.

However, as long as any items that require scanning are visible and unobscured, they should not need to be printed in colour.

More Information About the Visa for Tanzania

Hopefully, you now feel ready to begin your application. As you have found all you need, you can start applying with Byevisa’s convenient process.

However, if you feel there is still more information you need that you haven’t found here, please check out our Tanzania eVisas page. Also, you can find out more about visiting this country here.

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