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About the UAE Country Codes, From Airports to Phones

UAE Country Codes

Like all nations, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) uses a range of country codes for identification, from its airports to its telephones to the postal system. Some of these are national and some are localised. Examples of frequently used country codes in the UAE include:

  • A 2-letter country code used by the ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) to identify a nation. In the case of the UAE, this is ‘AE’.
  • A 3-letter country code, also used by the ISO for identification, and most commonly associated with flights and aviation. For this nation, this is ‘ARE’.
  • Each of the UAE’s most important airports has its own 3-letter IATA (International Air Transport Association) code too, which you’ll typically see on your boarding pass.
  • An international telephone dialling code, so that people can call a business or residence in the UAE from overseas. Here, this is +976.
  • PO Boxes, to which mail and parcels are sent, and then collected by the recipient. Here, there are no zip codes or postcodes like in other countries.

Also, whilst the region welcomes tourists and travel here is easy, certain nationalities may need a visa. if you are travelling for tourism, business or to catch up with family, go to our UAE visit visa page to learn this country’s entry requirements and apply for your entry pass.

Read on for a complete UAE country codes list, and how each of these codes can be used!

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List of Country Codes for the UAE, from ZIP Codes to Airport Codes

We will discuss a number of country codes throughout this guide. Please note that the 2-digit ISO code for the UAE is’ AE’. The bullet points below summarise the country codes used here:

  • For Mail in the UAE: 00000
  • Flight Codes in the UAE:
    • 3-letter ISO for the UAE: ARE
    • 3-letter IATA for Abu Dhabi: AUH
    • 3-letter IATA for Al Ain: AAN
    • 3-letter IATA for Al Dhafra: DHF
    • 3-letter IATA for Al Maktoum: DWC
    • 3-letter IATA for Al Minhad: NHD
    • 3-letter IATA for Al Bateen: AZI
    • 3-letter IATA for Delma: ZDY
    • 3-letter IATA for Dubai: DXB
    • 3-letter IATA for Fujairah: FJR
    • 3-letter IATA for Ras Al Khaimah: RKT
    • 3-letter IATA for Sharjah: SHJ
    • 3-digit IATA for Sir Bani Yas: XSB
  • Telephone Dialling Codes in the UAE
    • International dialling code for the UAE: +976
    • For Abu Dhabi: 02
    • For Al Ain: 03
    • For Dubai: 04
    • For Sharjah, Ajman and Umm al-Quwain: 06
    • For Ras Al Khaimah: 07
    • For Fujairah: 09
    • Prefix for Mobile Phone Numbers: 050, 055 or 056

What Is the 2-Letter Country Code for the UAE?

‘AE’ is the 2-digit ISO code for the United Arab Emirates, recorded under the ISO-3166 Alpha-2 index.

What Is the Country Code for Abu Dhabi, UAE?

As in all of this nation, the country code is +976, while the area code for Abu Dhabi is 02. For instance, if you are calling from overseas, and the telephone number was 98765, you would dial +976 2 98765.

What Is the Country Code for Dubai, UAE?

Similarly, the country code is +976, while the area code for Dubai is 04. If you are calling from overseas, and the telephone number was 54673, you would dial +976 4 54673.

What Is the UAE Country Code for Flights?

The official ISO 3-digit code for international flights into the United Arab Emirates is ‘ARE’.

However, there are 22 airports across the 7 Emirates, and 12 of these also have their own 3-digit IATA codes. These are:

  • Abu Dhabi International Airport – AUH
  • Al Ain International Airport – AAN
  • Al Dhafra Air Base – DHF
  • Al Maktoum International Airport – DWC
  • Al Minhad Air Base – NHD
  • Al Bateen Executive Airport – AZI
  • Delma Airport – ZDY
  • Dubai International Airport – DXB
  • Fujairah International Airport – FJR
  • Ras Al Khaimah International Airport – RKT
  • Sharjah International Airport – SHJ
  • Sir Bani Yas Airport – XSB

The remaining airports are very small and are primarily reserved for private use, and thus do not have a 3-digit code.

What Is the UAE Country Code to Phone?

If you wish to dial a telephone number in the UAE from overseas, you will need to use the country code +976. If you are calling a landline, this will be followed by 6 more digits, or if you are calling a mobile phone, by 7 more digits.

What Is the Structure of Telephone Numbers in the UAE?

All landline numbers here have 7 digits. These are broken up into a pattern of 2 digits, then 5. The first 2 digits are an area code, and the remaining 5 numbers are assigned to a specific line. In total, there are 6 active area codes in the UAE:

  • 02 – Abu Dhabi
  • 03 – Al Ain
  • 04 – Dubai
  • 06 – Sharjah, Ajman and Umm al-Quwain
  • 07 – Ras Al Khaimah
  • 09 – Fujairah

Remember, if you are dialling from outside the Emirates, then you will need to first dial the country code +976. In this instance, you would drop the 0 from the area code, so you would dial 9 digits in total. For example, if you were calling a line in Al Ain with the telephone number 12345, you would dial +976 3 12345.

What Is the Country Code for the UAE to Call a Mobile?

If you’re calling a mobile phone, you will need to first use the country code +976.

After this, mobile numbers in the Emirates have 3 digits. They all start with 050, 055 or 056. The rest of the number is 5 unique digits, like a landline number.

So, for example, if a mobile number in the UAE is 050 13579, from overseas you would dial +976 50 13579.

How to Call a Landline From Dubai

To make a telephone call from Dubai to another landline in the UAE, you will need to enter the 7-digit telephone number within the nation. For example, if the local UAE number is 01 34567, that is all you would need to dial.

If you are looking to dial a number based outside the UAE, first preface the number with 00, then the international code for the nation in question, then the full number. For example, If you want to dial a UK number from Dubai, with the number being 07788 123456, then you would dial 00 44 7788 123456.

What Are the Emergency Service Phone Numbers Here?

Landlines in this country can dial emergency service numbers free of charge. The emergency numbers in the United Arab Emirates are as follows:

  • Police Emergency – 999
  • Police Non-Emergency – 901
  • Ambulance or Medical Emergency – 998
  • Fire Services or Civil Defence – 997
  • Coastguard – 996
  • Dubai Electrical and Water Authority for Electrical Failure – 991
  • Dubai Electrical and Water Authority for Water Failure – 922

What Are the UAE Country Zip Codes and Mailing Codes?

Here there are no zip codes. Instead, all mail is sent to a PO Box and collected by the recipient. The format for addressing a letter or package to the UAE is:

PO Box Number
Office Number (if applicable)
Building Number
State (e.g. Dubai)

Sometimes, you will be forced to enter a zip code to arrange a delivery to the area. In this instance, use the code 00000. This is common practice in the United Arab Emirates, and your mail will reach the recipient. Just ensure you write the rest of the address correctly.

Helpful Facts and Trivia About the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is comprised of 7 territories making up the total federation. These are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain and Fujairah, whilst the seventh emirate, Ras Al Khaimah, was the last to join this powerful group in 1972.

As a whole, the UAE has a Supreme Council of Rulers, comprising the 7 rulers or Emirs of each member state, even though they each still maintain a degree of independence.

Since the discovery of oil here in 1966, the United Arab Emirates has been on a technological boom and has become one of the most economically advanced nations in the world, more so than many European countries, even.

Both industrial and technical developments here take place fast, as this country strives to become a world leader in these fields. Hence, as you may expect, the UAE’s telephone and other communication systems are second to none.

The UAE’s desire to attract both business development and tourism are core to its future plans. These include the most luxurious hotels in the world, stunning property to purchase, and advanced and desirable workspace and living conditions.

Much of this country is still undiscovered by tourists, with spectacular sites to see or spend time in. Each territory of the Emirates varies, even though they come together as a nation.

You can rest assured, however, that it doesn’t matter where you are, as communication within or around the rest of the world here is easy. Staying in touch with family or business colleagues has never been so simple.

What Else Should I Know About Travelling Here?

Without a doubt, and for many years, Dubai was recognised as the ‘centre’ of commerce, business and tourism, even though Abu Dhabi is the capital. However, this has changed somewhat over the last decade and Abu Dhabi has come totally into its own right – it has arguably now overtaken Dubai with the most lavish buildings and the most expensive!

Even though the 2 territories are only an hour’s drive apart, much is different in the way that business is conducted. Abu Dhabi (once known as the ‘Sleeping Giant’) has different utility suppliers, different car number plates, and a different culture when it comes to executing business arrangements – often, it can take longer than in Dubai.

Whichever of the 7 Emirates you are in, business is a whole lot easier if you have a presence or office here. This is highly promoted as a quicker route to success! Whether you’re visiting to seal a deal or as a tourist, check our Visit the UAE page to learn more.

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