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Ukraine Visa for Indians

Ukraine Visa for Indians

Located in Eastern Europe, Ukraine is a historic country with many beautiful cities to visit, surrounded by stunning countryside. To pass the border you need to ensure you have your travel authorisation prepared so you can be confident of being permitted to enter the country.

If you’re not sure what’s needed, let Byevisa help you with our expertise on global travel. We can give you all the information you need to obtain the necessary visa and supporting documentation so you can enjoy a convenient and smooth-running trip with no fuss or hassle.

How Do You Get a Ukraine Visa for Indians?

Indian citizens need to obtain their travel authorisation before leaving home on their trip and this application needs to be made in the traditional way, in a paper format. Unfortunately, while some countries offer an eVisa that Byevisa can help you to obtain online, Ukrainian visas are not issued to Indians in this way.

Which Documentation is Necessary?

In order to get a Ukraine visa for Indians, a number of different types of documentation must be supplied. These include:

  • A passport with at least 3 months remaining after leaving Ukraine and a minimum of 2 blank visa pages.
  • A passport photograph (35×45 mm).
  • Travel insurance to cover the whole duration of your trip with a minimum coverage of €30,000 (or equivalent).
  • A bank statement to demonstrate that you have the financial means to support your stay.
  • Proof of your purpose for visiting. This could be confirmation of your hotel booking, your itinerary and air tickets. The air tickets should be for a round trip, not just one way.

You may be asked for further documentation if there are any doubts over the purpose or intended duration of your visit.

What Is the Cost of a Ukraine Tourist Visa for Indians?

Indians planning on travelling to Ukraine on a tourist visa have a number of different options to choose between:

  • Single entry, valid for 3 months: ₹6290.0
  • Double entry, valid for 3 months: ₹9620.0
  • Multiple entry, valid for 12 months: ₹9620.0
  • Multiple entry, valid for 5 years: ₹18500.0

All of these types of tourist visa permit an Indian person to stay in Ukraine for up to 90 days. Overstaying could jeopardise future visa applications, so it’s essential that you observe these limits strictly.

There are other types of visas which allow Indians to gain a Ukraine visa, but the criteria for obtaining them is very different. Examples of other types of visas include business visas.

Can You Get a Ukraine Visa On Arrival for Indians?

A Ukraine Visa on Arrival is only issued in very selective circumstances, and only from 3 locations within the country. Indian tourists who are travelling to Ukraine for a holiday are not able to obtain a Visa On Arrival, due to the changes in the legislation.

The Visa On Arrival is only issued to certain authorised personnel, such as medics arriving to provide aid, or in the cases of an emergency. There is a maximum duration of 15 days on visas issued on this basis.

Instead, your tourist authorisation must be obtained in advance instead. This ensures that when you arrive you are able to gain entry without any delays and won’t have the worry of wondering whether your application will be accepted.

Ukraine Visa for Indians FAQs

We know that Indians travelling to Ukraine on holiday might have lots of questions about their trip. Here at Byevisa we’ve collated the most common questions to make life that little bit easier.

Is it Safe to Travel to Ukraine?

Although the Indian population in this country is relatively small by comparison to the native residents, it’s a country that’s very friendly and welcoming. Travelling around is safe almost everywhere, and you will find that in certain cities – especially close to big universities – the population is surprisingly diverse.

The sole exception is the areas which have been affected by the military action by Russia. This means that you should avoid Crimea and the Donbas area which lies in the far east of the country. All other parts remain unaffected and, providing you take the usual precautions to avoid pickpockets, are very safe to visit.

Can All Indians Visit Ukraine?

Not all Indians can visit the country as it’s first necessary to obtain an appropriate travel authorisation for entry. To be issued with this document means that a number of criteria must be fulfilled, including proof that you are visiting the country for tourist purposes.

How Many Indians Are There Living in Ukraine?

There is only a small Indian community in Ukraine, making up less than 0.1% of the population. However, the country has a diverse mix of nationalities and religions, with approximately 0.1% of the country following Hinduism.

Do I Need a Visa for My Children?

Every person that is travelling needs a visa to gain entry. This includes children, but their applications need to be signed by their parent or guardian. Children must also have their own passport; they cannot be added to their parents’ passports, regardless of their age.

Is it Possible to Get a Ukraine eVisa for Indian Passport Holders?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is no. Indian passport holders cannot access an eVisa and must therefore make a paper application in advance of their trip.

More Information for Visitors to Ukraine

For assistance with obtaining a Ukraine visa for Indians, Byevisa can help. To find out more about the process, simply read our Ukrainian visas page, or to get further information about visiting Ukraine before you go, click here.

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