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Visa for Australia From the UK

Australia ETA Visa for UK Citizens

Getting your travel authorisations in place before you head to the land Down Under is essential to avoid any problems on your journey. Byevisa is here to help by providing you with all the information you need to get your documents arranged before you travel.

If you are planning to visit the home of the Gold Coast and the Sydney National Opera, then you will need to organise an ETA visa for Australia from the UK. This Electronic Travel Authorisation was introduced in 1996 for British nationals travelling to the country. It is a fast way to enter Oz: immigration staff just need to scan your passport when you arrive as the travel pass is linked to it electronically.

If you want to get everything in order, you can use the Byevisa site to make your application today. You’ll be impressed with our service and won’t need to spend hours completing long forms. Once you’re ready, the online application takes only a few minutes.

Do You Need a Visa for Australia From UK?

If you are keen to get a tourist visa for Australia from the UK, you need to apply for an ETA so the immigration staff have an electronic way of checking that you have the appropriate authorisation to enter the country.

While you must have this travel authorisation in place for your journey, you will not have to spend your time going to an embassy to process this as you can do it all online. When your application has been approved, it will be electronically linked to your passport, able to be verified by staff with a simple scan on arrival.

Electronic Visa for Australia From UK Application Process

If you want to apply for your ETA visa for UK citizens online, then Byevisa is here to help. You can be confident that your travel authorisation will be processed in time for your holiday as long as you apply a bit in advance of your trip. Simply enter the details below:

  • A valid email address.
  • Your arrival and departure dates for your first trip.
  • Your full, legal name.
  • Your gender and birthdate.
  • Place of birth and nationality.
  • Current country of residence.
  • Your passport details (including passport number and issue and expiry dates).
  • Your purpose for travel.

Once this has been completed, you can then add any other people travelling with you to the application by adding their details as listed above for each passenger. You will not be able to apply on their behalf if you do not have all the required details for each person travelling.

After you fill in the blank fields, you need to choose the speed of service that you require. You can choose from Standard (24 hours), Rapid (4 hours) or Highly Rapid (1 hour).

Byevisa takes credit/debit card or PayPal payments and after selecting your processing speed, you can pay the required fees and then wait for the email confirmation when the application has been completed.

Please note that the ETA confirmation email you receive when it has been processed is not the ETA itself. This will be electronically attached to your passport and can be checked when the airport staff scan your passport. We recommend printing off the confirmation email and packing it with your other travel documents.

Travel Visa for Australia from UK – Requirements

When applying online for an Australian electronic travel authorisation, you will need to remember the following important information:

  • You cannot remain in the country for longer than 90 days per visit.
  • You cannot work in Australia when using an ETA to enter the country.
  • Your passport must be valid until the day you exit the country, but there is no requirement for it to be valid for longer than this.
  • If you get a new passport, then you must reapply for an ETA to enter the country.

How Much Does an eVisitor Visa for Australia Cost from the UK?

If you are wondering how much is a visa for Australia from the UK, then you will be pleased to know that the Australian government does not charge UK tourists anything to apply for an ETA. All you will need to pay is the Byevisa fee for processing your documents.

How to Get A Visa for Australia From UK – Common Questions

When it comes to getting all the information you need, we hope you have found our guide helpful. However, we have also answered some of the most frequently asked questions below to help you organise your trip successfully.

Do I Need a Transit Visa for Australia From UK?

If you are in a port for less than 8 hours and have evidence of your onward travel, you will not need a transit visa. However, if your wait is longer than 8 hours or you want to enter Australia, and you do not have an ETA then you will need to get a transit visa that allows you to transit through Australia for a maximum of 72 hours. The transit visa is free of charge.

Should I Reapply for Every Trip I Want to Make To Australia?

No, the purpose of the ETA is to allow you to make multiple entries to the country over the course of 1 year for a maximum of 90 days per entry. You will need to reapply for a new ETA when your year is over if you want to re-enter Australia.

Do Minors Need an ETA Tourist Visa for Australia From UK?

Yes, everyone in your travel group must have an ETA holiday visa for Australia from UK no matter how old they are. Without this, they will not be allowed access to the country.

What Happens if My Visa Expires Before My Trip is Over?

The good news is that you are allowed to remain in the country after the date of expiry as long as you have not exceeded the 90-day limit. This is also the case if your child is linked to your passport. If you have reached the limit, then you will need to make arrangements to leave immediately.

More Information on Visitors Visa for Australia From UK

If you need more information, then take a moment to visit our dedicated Australia ETA visa page here for all the details. We also have a page for tourists visiting Australia here with other helpful information that will be valuable for anyone planning a trip.

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