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China Visa for Indians

China Visa for Indian Citizens

Indians planning a Chinese vacation need to make certain that you arrange official travel authorisation before heading off on yourr journey. Everybody who enters China has to ensure they’ve arranged all of their paperwork before travelling to be permitted to enter the country.

There are numerous amazing Chinese heritage and cultural sites to discover, so whether you’re looking forward to a trip to Shanghai’s bright lights or whether you’re visiting the world heritage site of the Great Wall, you’re sure to have an amazing time during your Chinese vacation.

However, as an Indian citizen visiting China, you need to make sure that you’ve applied for the appropriate travel documents before you leave your home country. Otherwise, you will be denied entry on arrival. Here we tell you the necessary requirements to ensure everything runs smoothly.


China Visa Requirements for Indians

Do Indians need a visa for China? Yes, all Indians travelling to China require an appropriate travel authorisation to be permitted to enter the country. There is a tourist visa which permits Indians to visit the country for up to 30 days.

The requirements for Indians applying for a Chinese tourist visa include:

  • At least 6 months’ validity remaining on your passport.
  • 2 blank pages for the stamp.
  • A passport photograph.
  • A completed application form.
  • Proof of income or bank statement.
  • A full travel itinerary for your stay.
  • Proof of hotel accommodation.
  • Proof of relationship with an invitee if you are staying with family.
  • A working email address.

Chinese Visa Fees for Indians

A Chinese tourist visa has a cost for Indian citizens. There are several different types of tourist visa available for Indians travelling here on vacation. Each one comes with a different cost including:

  • Single Entry for 30 days – 3-month validity – 51.50 USD
  •  Double Entry for 30 days – 3-month validity – 77.25 USD
  • Multiple Entry – 30 days – 6-month validity – 103.25 USD
  • Multiple Entry – 30 days – 1-year validity – 154.75 USD

How to Get China Visa for Indian Citizens

Obtaining your Chinese travel authorisation as an Indian citizen requires you to visit the Chinese embassy. You need to take all of the required documentation with you to support your application. You can choose between the Mumbai or Kolkata consulates or the embassy in New Delhi to submit your application.

China Visa for Indian Processing Time

It’s important to make sure that you make your application for your visa in plenty of time before you make your trip. It will probably take on average around 4 working days to process and issue your travel authorisation, but it’s best to ensure that you’ve allowed at least a week to guarantee that you will receive the necessary document before you set off on your vacation.

China Visa Questions for Indian Citizens

Here we’ve put together most of the information you require when it comes to making an application for your Chinese travel authorisation. Yet if you read on, you’ll also discover the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

China Visa on Arrival for Indians

Although there are some destinations where travellers can apply for their travel authorisation on arrival in the country, it isn’t possible for Indian citizens to make an application on arrival in China. This means that making your application for your tourist visa in advance is the only option open to you if you want to be allowed entry into the country when you arrive for your vacation.

China Transit Visa for Indians

When you’re flying into a Chinese airport but are not planning to tour the country and, instead, are merely transiting on to another destination, you need to ensure that you know the requirements when it comes to your paperwork.

Citizens of some countries are eligible for a 72-hour transit visa, however Indians are not. The good news is that Indian citizens can benefit from a 24-hour Transit Without Visa. This is free of charge. You require a fully confirmed and printed out itinerary which shows all your flight information. This must be shown to the immigration authorities on your arrival along with your passport.

You will also receive an Arrival Card at the aircraft, which you need to complete with “transit” information. The immigration authorities will stamp you in for a maximum 24-hour period. This allows you to leave the airport and explore the surrounding area.

China Visa Application Form for Indian Citizens

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to submit your application form for a Chinese visa online. The form must be completed in paper format and submitted to a Chinese consulate or embassy in India in advance of your trip.

Chinese Visa for Indians Documents

You not only need to complete a Chinese visa application form in advance of your trip,  you will also need to submit a range of documentation. This must be done separately from the application form.

Remember that you will need to make sure that you have checked the paperwork requirements before completing your application, as you will end up having your application rejected if you don’t include everything that is necessary to process your travel authorisation.

More Information About Visiting China

You should now have the essential information you require when travelling to China as an Indian citizen on vacation. Should you need any further details to facilitate your travel authorisation application process, you should visit our China visas page, or visit this page to obtain more helpful details on visiting China.

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