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China Visa Fee for Pakistanis

China Visa for Pakistanis

Pakistani citizens who are planning a trip to China to see world-famous sights like the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square need to ensure that they have arranged an appropriate travel authorisation before setting off. Without obtaining a travel authorisation and paying the necessary China visa fee for a Pakistani citizen, you won’t be permitted entry to the country.

As the Byevisa team are experts in the field of worldwide eVisas and tourist travel authorisations, you can rely on us to give you all the information you need about obtaining the necessary documentation. So read on to learn more about how to go about getting your paperwork in order.

What Is the China Visa Policy for Pakistan?

Unless you’re a holder of an official or diplomatic Pakistani passport, you need to obtain a Chinese travel authorisation to be permitted to enter the country. You’re able to obtain an L class tourist authorisation, but you must be part of a tour group of over 5 people that is being operated by an authorised local travel agency.

What Is the China Visa Fee for a Pakistani Citizen?

There is no China visit visa fee for a Pakistani citizen. Therefore, although you need to apply with all of the relevant documentation and follow the standard application process that we outline here, you won’t need to pay any money for your travel authorisation.

What Are the China Visa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens?

Although there is no China visa fee for Pakistani passport holders, you need to support your application with several required documents. These include:

  • Your original passport, which must have a minimum of 6 months’ validity remaining and blank pages to receive the visa.
  • A copy of the data page of your passport and a copy of the photograph page if this is separate.
  • A printed and completed application form.
  • A copy of the Confirmation of Online Visa application.
  • A copy of the AVAS (Appointment for Visa Application Submission) Confirmation.
  • A recent colour passport photo.
  • Proof of residence status or legal stay if you’re not applying for your visa from your country of citizenship, as well as a copy of your proof.
  • A photocopy of any previous Chinese visas or passports if you were once a Chinese citizen but have now obtained foreign citizenship.
  • A photocopy of the data and photo pages of any previous passport that contained a previous Chinese visa along with a copy of the previous Chinese visa page. (Proof of name change is required if your name has changed from the original document.)

If you have not visited China in the past 5 years, you need to supply a local police clearance/character certificate that has been attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan.

How to Complete the China Visa Form for Pakistan Citizens

A citizen of Pakistan travelling to China needs to visit the Chinese visa online portal to complete their application form. This asks you for information such as:

  • Your last, middle and first names
  • Your sex
  • Your place and your date of birth
  • Your nationality
  • Your passport details
  • Your home address, email and telephone number

Once you have completed the form, you then need to upload a photograph to accompany it. You then print out the form and sign it so that you can submit it to the Chinese Visa Application Service Center.

Once you have printed the document, you must make an appointment to submit your application and the supporting documents. You need to print out the appointment letter you receive and show it on your arrival at the Visa Application Service Center.

The authorities then examine your documentation and application and decide whether to issue you with a travel authorisation. You also have biometric information taken at your appointment.

When Should I Apply for My Visa?

You need to ensure that you have made your visa application before you set off on your trip so that the paperwork is in your possession when you travel. However, you cannot apply too soon either.

The Chinese authorities recommend that you apply around 1 month before your trip but no earlier than 3 months before your due date of travel.

How to Get a Visa for China for Pakistan Citizens FAQs

We hope that you now know more about the China visa cost from Pakistan and how to go about making your application. However, to learn more you can read on to get the answers to more frequently asked questions.

Is There a Visa on Arrival for Pakistani Citizens in China?

At one time, it was possible for Pakistani citizens to obtain a visa on arrival when entering Macao, but that is no longer possible. Whichever area of mainland China, Macao or Hong Kong you are visiting, you need to make your application in advance of your trip.

What Are the Photo Requirements?

You need 2 recent colour passport photos to submit with your application. These must show your full face and be taken against a light-coloured background.

They must measure 48 mm x 33 mm and you must not be wearing any head coverings unless for religious purposes, and they must not obscure your facial features. Glasses must be clear glass and not be thick-rimmed. You must have a neutral expression and your mouth must be closed.

Can I Get a Direct Flight From Pakistan to China?

When you’re heading to China on vacation you may want to take a direct flight. Luckily, there are 4 airlines that offer direct flights between these 2 countries, taking you to Beijing, Guangzhou, Kunming or Urumqi.

How to Call China From Pakistan

You may need to know how to place a telephone call to a Chinese telephone number from Pakistan:

  • First, you need to dial 00.
  • Next, you need to dial 86 – this is the Chinese country code.
  • Then you need to dial the area code then the number you need to contact.

More About the Chinese Visa for Pakistani Citizens

With the information that Byevisa have provided, you should now be able to make a successful application for your Chinese trip. However, if you need more guidance, visit our Chinese visa page by clicking here. In addition, you can find our visit China page here.

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