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All About Qatar’s Doha Airport Codes and More

Doha is the capital of Qatar, one of the countries that comprise the Arab peninsular. As such, it warrants a major airport in the Middle East with modern airline facilities, including the largest maintenance hangar in the world.

Qatar gained independence from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 1971 and soon became aware that more efficient travel connections would be needed, particularly an updated airline network for both business and visitors. Back in those days, Qatar Airways was a little-known flight carrier, but has now become one of the most prestigious airlines in the world!

Please note that, whilst many people still refer to this airport as ‘Doha International Airport’ it is now not formally called by this name. When the new airport was opened in April 2014, it was given the title of ‘Hamad International Airport’ (after the previous Sheikh) and should be referred to as such.

Whilst the old site is still there, it is due for demolition and is not used. Whether this air hub is referred to as ‘Doha International’ or ‘Hammad International’, its official IATA (International Air Transport Association) code is ‘DOH’. We’ll explain this and more in greater detail below.

If you are planning on travelling to Doha and want to avoid any hold-ups, check our Qatar visitor visa page, where we’ll help you obtain your travel permit for a successful trip, either for business or pleasure. In the meantime, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this important airport!

What Is Doha Qatar’s Airport Code?

The code used is the official IATA (International Air Transport Association) one. Namely, the airport code for Doha, Qatar is ‘DOH’, used to designate Hamad International Airport, this air hub’s official name, and Qatar’s only international airline facility for overseas passengers.

You will see this ‘DOH’ airport code in a number of places, such as your airline tickets, on flight information boards, baggage stickers etc., so it is important to know this.

Where is Doha International Airport Located?

The airport is located to the east of the central Doha district and is well serviced by both taxis and a metro system, both taking around 15 minutes to arrive at the city centre.

Doha International Airport’s passenger traffic is comprised of both business and tourism. Visitor levels are fast approaching 50 million passengers per annum, which makes Doha International second only to Dubai in the region! Several major airlines operate to and from the international facility. These include:

  • Qatar Airways, the national carrier
  • British Airways
  • Iberia
  • Air India
  • Japan Airlines
  • Philippine Airlines

Moreover, Qatar Airways operate a ‘partner share’ system to Australia with Qantas, and to the USA with United Airlines.

What Are All of Qatar’s Airport Codes?

Whilst there are 3 codes allocated to this country’s airports, the old Doha international airport is no longer used, while the Al Udeid location is for military purposes only. Al Kohr, another location, is used for small military displays and air shows for fans of aviation.

As such, excluding Al Kohr, this country’s air hubs are all issued IATA codes for flight awareness and security. Qatar’s airport codes are as follows:

  • Hamad International (scheduled commercial): DOH
  • Doha International (non-operational): DIA
  • Al Udeid (military), home to international air forces: XJD
  • Al Kohr (displays and annual air show): None

Is It Really Necessary to Know the Doha International Airport Code?

You really only need to know the DOH airport code for travel purposes, and to avoid any mistakes travelling to or from Hamad International (formerly Doha International). Unless you are military personnel, the only Qatari airport used for worldwide travel is this one.

However, below are some extra, interesting facts about the airport:

  • Hamad International at Doha is a sleek facility, and the first ever designed with the Airbus 380 in mind. Environmentalists took pleasure when plans were announced for the construction of this complex, as 6.2m tons of waste material were removed, desalinated and used ‘correctly’ for landfill – the largest ‘green’ project of its size.
  • Currently, it has the 10th longest runway in the world and the ability to handle 100 take-off and landings every hour. Yes, it is busy! There are 3 runways in total, all visible from a panoramic view on the rooftop.
  • Self-check-in and self-bag drops (as many as you can see!) all assist in facilitating easy travel at this location. Signage is clear and in several languages, and you will see the airport code DOH reminding you what to look for when checking arrival or departure times.
  • Everything at this location is geared to making travel simple and secure. If there is anything you do not understand, there are several help desks with ground staff speaking several languages, primarily Arabic and English. Please note, though, that there is no left luggage facility, other than in the Oryx Lounge.
  • The largest carrier is Qatar Airways, the national airline, but its co-operation with other large airlines provides wide coverage for international travellers.
  • The country intends to make this airport a luxury and efficient gateway to the world. With recently reported figures of almost 33m passengers, it is anticipated that this will rise to 50m per annum in a short space of time.

Are There Other Facilities Located at DOH?

There are 3 terminals at Doha International Airport, namely:

  • Departure and transfer terminal
  • Arrivals terminal
  • Qatar Airways Premium

Comfortable seating is provided almost everywhere. There are also 3 lounges, one of which, called the Oryx, is for premium passengers of any airline.

You are spoilt for choice for other facilities, including:

  • A vast selection of all types of food outlets.
  • Coffee lounges.
  • High-quality stores.
  • Souvenir shops.
  • A range of medical treatment facilities.
  • Multiple ATMs.
  • Qatar Bank.

You can easily book accommodation here too.

If you need further information, you can contact the air hub via the following methods:

  • Phone number: +974 4010 6666
  • Email: info@dohaairport.com

Are There Any Other Qatar Airport Codes That I Should Know About?

As previously stated, you only need to know the relevant letters for Doha – ‘DOH’, which is the IATA code for Hammad International, previously known as Doha International Airport.

If you enjoy flight tracking in your spare time, you may be interested in the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) airport codes for Qatar too. Other than commercial flights, the air space over Qatar is not very busy, but you can still see the ICAO codes and the aircraft routing in and out of Doha.

Doha (Hammad Int) OTHH
Doha (old airport) OTBD
Al Udeid airbase OTBH
Al Kohr OTBK

The only other airport to be mentioned is another, smaller airbase located at Dukhan, outside of the main city of Doha. It has no IATA or ICAO code.

What Is the Qatar Airways Airline Code?

As Qatar Airways is the major carrier in and out of Doha, it has an IATA code of ‘QR’. Flight numbers on message boards and tickets etc. will show QR and the relevant number of your flight. Meanwhile, ‘QTR’ is the ICAO Qatar Airways airline code.

Qatar Airways has won a multitude of awards since 2012, and for 3 consecutive years has won the prestigious ‘Airline of the Year’ from the travel industry.

There are also a few private and VIP flights, usually hired for the royal family in the country. These are known as Qatar Amiri flights, which have a habit of not being publicised for security reasons.

Is There a Dress Code at Qatar Airports?

Talking of codes, what about the dress code? As is normal in the Middle East, it is always best to dress conservatively and respect the local laws and religious leanings. Whilst Qatar is an Islamic country, there is no hard and enforced dress law; it is simply expected of you.

The smarter and more covered you dress as a woman, the better, to avoid the scrutiny of the local male population i.e., no skinny tops exposing too much flesh, no miniskirts or tight shorts.

As a woman, you do not have to cover your head, arms, legs or face in public, but do avoid wearing revealing swimsuits on the beach. June to September is the hottest time of the year, and Hamad International Airport has recorded summer temperatures of over 50°C (122°F).

As a male, just be as smart as your wardrobe allows, and resist going shirtless in public, however hot it is.

Good behaviour and respect are more important in Qatar than what you wear. Don’t use offensive language and, certainly, don’t make public displays of affection. Flashy jewellery for either men or women is also not a good idea, although a wedding band on a woman will often be enough to ‘foil’ any unwanted attention.

What Else Should I Know About Visiting Qatar?

As a country, this part of the Arabian Peninsula has a lot to offer in terms of tourism and big business opportunities. Its richer neighbours have benefited a great deal from overseas visitors for some time, but Qatar is catching up quickly. What with the perpetual upgrades of flight facilities at Hamad International, Doha is certainly working to stay in touch with the rest of the world.

Apart from airline traffic, the Doha skyline seems endless, with many tall ‘state of the art’ buildings offering panoramic views across the Arabian Gulf. You can also see the expanse of arid desert outside the city, where adventure activities abound, such as desert safaris, parasailing, buggy racing and many others.

In the city, there are plenty of water sports including water skiing, sailboarding, scuba diving, and also speed boat trips. Culturally recommended is the Museum of Islamic Art and the Katara Cultural Village. This hub of activity is along the waterfront, known as the Doha Corniche.

Do enjoy your stay in Doha, Qatar, but should you need emergency assistance, the number to call for police, fire or ambulance assistance is 999 from a landline, or from a GSM, it’s 112. 112 will work on any mobile network.

Lastly, to find out more about this country ahead of your trip, check out our Visit Qatar page!

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