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Visa for Georgia From the UK

Georgia Visa UK

Travelling is a lot of fun and visiting new and exciting locations will leave you with lots of great memories for years to come. However, before you can travel, you will have to ensure that you have organised all the right paperwork to be able to travel so that you do not hit any problems when you enter the country.

If you are heading to Georgia on holiday, then you may be looking forward to visiting the huge Narikala Fortress or even the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi. Whatever your plans are, you must find out whether you require a visa for Georgia for UK citizens before you travel.

Read our guide to find out what requirements there are for entering the country and how to go about organising your plans. Byevisa is here to help you find out whether you need a visa for Georgia from UK and how to apply if you do.

Do I Need A Visa for Georgia From the UK?

Many British tourists ask Byevisa if they need a Georgia visa for UK citizens before they head off on their holiday. The great news is that you will not need to apply for one if you are visiting this country for less than 1 year as a tourist. This means you can spend some time getting your entry requirements in place before you travel, but that you will not need to process a visa application to be granted entry.

Georgia Visa Requirements for UK Citizens

While you may not need to apply for a travel authorisation, you do need to adhere to the requirements the country sets out for tourists. These requirements are part of the immigration process when you arrive and are as follows:

  • Your passport must be valid for your entire stay in the country. However, you do not need it to be valid for any time after the date of departure.
  • If you need to take medication into the country, you must declare this on arrival along with the prescription and original packaging. The rules around this are extremely strict and can cause problems when it comes to entering the country unless you have evidence that the drugs are prescribed.
  • You have to have travel insurance that covers the entirety of your stay, and you will need to take evidence of this to produce on entry if asked. If you do not have travel insurance, then it may be problematic for you to enter the country.

Georgia is very welcoming of British tourists, and as long as you adhere to the requirements, you will be made to feel very welcome when you pass through border control and into the country.

Georgia Visa Cost for UK Citizens

As you do not need to apply for a visa to enter this country, you do not need to pay in advance to enter. You will also not be expected to pay any entry fees as part of the requirements you need to fulfil when you arrive.

Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Now that you know that you do not need a travel authorisation, you may have other questions that you are keen to have answered before you head off. Take some time to read the frequently asked questions below and the answers we have provided so that you are fully prepared for this holiday.

How Safe Are British Tourists In This Country?

You will be pleased to know that this destination is very safe for tourists who take sensible precautions. Petty theft is not generally a problem, but it is always wise to store your personal documents and cash in a safe place when you are moving around the country.

It is also wise to not travel alone in taxis at night-time nor flag down taxis that are away from taxi ranks. Instead, ask for advice at your hotel to find a trustworthy company and then use them for any journey you need to take during your time in the country.

Homosexuality is not illegal, but you may be the victim of unpleasant remarks and acts. Therefore it is wise to avoid engaging in public displays of affection if you are part of the LGBT+ community. If you feel you are at risk or there has been an incident, you should dial 112 and request support from the emergency services.

Are There Any Health Risks In This Country?

You should be able to access some form of healthcare if you need it when you are travelling, and it is vital that you have travel health insurance should you need to be evacuated or repatriated from the country.

You should only drink bottled water on your trip as the water quality varies across the country. However, there is plenty of bottled water available to purchase in all areas.

What Do I Need To Know Before I Travel?

The following information should help to prepare you for your travel to this destination:

  • The currency is known as the Georgian lari (GEL), and you can obtain money from ATMs, banks and currency exchange kiosks in most places.
  • Vipers (snakes) are common in this destination, especially if you are travelling during the summer. However, it can be difficult to get anti-venom if you are not in a major town or city.
  • Following the traditions of this country will endear you to the local people. This includes not drinking until a toast has finished at mealtimes, trying every dish that is put on the table and kissing the right cheek of a person when you know them.

Full Information About Travelling To This Destination

If you want even more information on travelling to this destination, then click here to access the main tourist information page, where you will find further information and advice about visiting this country.

If you are travelling with someone who is not a UK citizen and may need a visa, see our page about Georgia’s eVisa.

If you have any other questions we’re yet to answer, feel free to get in touch! We hope your holiday leaves you with lots of happy memories.

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