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All About the Japan (JP) Country Codes for Travellers

Japan Country Codes JP

Like all countries, Japan has a range of country codes. Travellers to the Land of the Rising Sun should familiarise themselves with these. They will be essential for getting around the country, as well as for making telephone calls. In particular, there are a few important ones that you should be aware of when dealing with Japan:

  • The ISO (International Organization for Standardisation) country code is JP.
  • The ISD (International Subscriber Dialing) telephone code is +81.
  • All phone numbers also have a unique area code.
  • Postal addresses have the equivalent of a Japanese post or zip code.

This guide will explain all about these country codes. By understanding these, you will be able to interact smoothly with and in Japan – whether by telephone, digital communication or mail. Read on to learn more!


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What Does the JP Country Code Mean?

JP is Japan’s ISO country code. As mentioned above, ISO stands for the International Organisation for Standardisation.

ISO is responsible for assigning shorthand, 2-letter codes to different countries. By using JP, it is obvious that you are dealing with Japan. This means that Japan’s website and email addresses will typically end with the suffix.jp.

What Is Japan’s Phone Code?

If you wish to dial a telephone number in the country, the international prefix will always be +81. All telephone numbers in this country are preceded by the +81 country code. This means that, should your mobile phone display a number that begins with the country code +81, the call invariably stems from Japan.

What Other Japan Country Codes Are There?

When it comes to dialling the Japan international phone code, none. +81 is the official and only international phone code for the country. If the number does not begin with +81, the number is not assigned to this nation.

How Do I Use Japan’s Telephone Code?

This depends on where you are dialling from. For example, if you wish to know how to use +81 to call Japan from the United Kingdom, the + symbol is replaced by dialling 00.

This is known as the UK exit code, and it makes it clear that you trying to reach an overseas number. Dialling the 0081 Japan dialling code will ensure you reach this country.

From here, you can enter the Japanese telephone number. However, all phone numbers here begin with 080 or 090. If you are dialling internationally, you can skip the first 0. This means that, if you’re dialling a number in the country that begins with 080, you would start the call by pushing 00 80, followed by the rest of the number.

Are There Toll-Free Numbers in Japan?

A Japan toll-free number will contain more digits than any other Japanese number, with 12 in total. All toll-free numbers here start with 0120, 0070, 0077, 0088 or 0800.

Examples of Japanese Phone Numbers

The Japanese phone number format can vary depending on the area that you are calling, and whether you are calling a landline or a cell phone. Unless you are dialling the Japanese emergency services, all phone numbers in Japan contain 10 digits (landlines), 11 digits (cell phones) or 12 digits (toll-free numbers).

Some Japanese phone number examples could look like this:

  • Japanese Landline Phone Number – (012)-123-4567. In this example, the area code of the number is 012. Some area codes are shorter than 3 digits. The full telephone number will always have 10 digits, though.
  • Japanese Mobile Phone Number – (080)-1234-5678. All mobile numbers in Japan start with 070, 080 or 090. This is not an area code, but a signifier of the mobile phone network.
  • Japanese Toll-Free Phone Number – (0120)-1234-5678. Toll-free numbers in Japan always have 12 digits, as we’ve explained.

What Are Japan’s Area Codes?

There are many area codes assigned to Japanese territories, all of which have 1, 2, 3 or 4 digits. A landline will contain additional digits to make 10 in total. The most used Japanese ones are as follows:

  • Asahikawa – 166
  • Chiba – 43
  • Fukuoka – 92
  • Funabashi – 47
  • Gifu – 58
  • Hachioji – 42
  • Hamamatsu – 53
  • Hateruma – 9808
  • Himeji – 79
  • Hiroshima – 82
  • Ichikawa City – 47
  • Kagoshima – 99
  • Kanazawa – 76
  • Kawaguchi – 48
  • Kawasaki – 44
  • Kita-Kyushu – 93
  • Kobe – 78
  • Kurashiki – 86
  • Kyoto – 75
  • Matsudo – 47
  • Matsuyama – 89
  • Nagasaki – 95
  • Nagoya – 52
  • Niigata – 25
  • Oita – 97
  • Okayama – 89
  • Osaka – 6
  • Sakai – 72
  • Sapporo – 11
  • Sendai – 22
  • Shimizu – 543
  • Shizuoka – 54
  • Tokyo – 3
  • Toyonaka – 6
  • Urawa – 48
  • Utsunomiya – 28
  • Wakayama – 73
  • Yokohama – 45
  • Yokosuka – 46

What Else Should I Know About the Japanese Phone Code?

Other helpful details about Japanese phone numbers include how you can reach the emergency services in the country. There are multiple different numbers if you find yourself needing help, listed below:

  • Police – 110 (though 999 and 911 also redirect automatically)
  • Ambulance or Fire – 119
  • Japanese Coastguard – 118
  • Earthquake Emergencies – 171

Other helpful Japanese dialling codes include:

  • Collect Calling Operator – 106
  • Directory Services – 108
  • Speaking Clock – 117
  • Data on Last Incoming Call – 136
  • Weather Updates – 177

You can also choose to withhold your caller ID on a Japanese telephone. Just dial 184 before you call the rest of the number.

In addition, be aware that calls to Japanese mobile phone numbers are expensive. If you have a choice, you should always call a landline telephone number in Japan. The recipient of a call to a cell phone will not accrue a fee.

What Is the Postal / Zip Code for Japan?

Japanese post codes have 7 digits, preceded by a 〒 symbol. This symbol signifies a zip code. The 7 digits are broken down into the format XXX-XXXX. The first 2 digits relate to the prefecture of the address.

In Japan, a prefecture is a governmental body larger than a traditional town or city. For example, Tokyo is a prefecture and all post codes begin with digits between 10 and 20. This means that the Japanese post code for Kaminakazato, a city in Kitaku, is 〒114-0016.

It really isn’t as complicated as it may look! Japan’s telephone services are very efficient, although toll-free is widely used and often waiting time occurs. Be patient when making calls, as the Japanese are very respectful and patient themselves.

You can apply for a Japanese visa on our dedicated page. Plus, if you like Japan so much that you’re thinking of moving here, find out What Is the Average Cost of Living in Japan.

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